Notes from the Road AND (Still) Travelling Tuesday: Jeffrey’s Bay, SA

Well, we’re still pounding the African pavement — but only figuratively speaking, Mr. Potato Head is doing all the hard work. And so far we’ve travelled from Gordon’s Bay to Jeffrey’s Bay to East London to Durban to the Drakensberg to White River. And since I have a feeling that doesn’t mean a whole lot to a whole lotofya, I will also say that’s 3,000 kilometres. And in case that doesn’t mean a heckuvalot to a lotofya, I’ll translate that to about 1,864 miles, repacking our suitcases and car 5 times in 7 days, and encouraging the Bear to nap in the car a lot.

The good news is we’re taking a break on this bright and shiny Travelling Tuesday to hit Kruger National Park. The Bear will hopefully see a lot of firsts, but I’m especially excited for him to see his first real live zebra, because he can say zebra, (yes, it sounds like zuh-zuh, but it’s zebra, I speak baby!) and I can’t wait to see him point out the car window and say Zuh-zuh!!!!

We are tired from the adventures so far but excited for what’s ahead, and I’ll let that conclude the Notes from the Road so we can get on to more important matters, namely the Travelling Tuesday at hand.

This is a slice of our brief tour of Jeffrey’s Bay. There is some special and important ministry happening there, but for now I’m just sharing a bit of scenery with you. It’s scenery worth sharing!

Allow me to first introduce our dear travelling companion and YWAMer extraordinaire, Abel.

Abel is Brazilian. I must now digress to mention that I never met a Brazilian I didn’t like. What’s not to like? They eat lots of meat, they have zeal for life and when they know the Lord, their passion for the Lord is inspiring. They’ll take any excuse for a party, play “the beautiful game” (soccer) like no other country on Earth, and their awesome presidente was one of time’s 100 most influential people this year. Keep up! They’re also an impressively green nation and known for incredible pizza. Like I said, what’s not to like? But me a ticket to São Paolo when you get a chance, K?

Now it was at about this time that the Bear started to look like he was going to bypass three word sentences and bust out with an Are we there yet?

A few minutes later, it became very clear as to why the Bear was ready to get out. (Yes, he is signing “more,” by the way.) I took him out of his car seat for the last few moments and he pooped. All the way down his trousers, and onto mine. Good reason for anybody to be ready to be there!

Now don’t be jealous, but a lovely family hosted us in Gordon’s Bay, and this was the view from the balcony of their lovely guest suite.

The beach just kept on going…

And I must add that I would most certainly enjoy eating breakfast right here every morning. Sigh.

We decided to give the beach a closer look, just for your benefit dear readers. Abel looked at a lot of the beach for you.

There was also a little munchkin who was quite happy to have sand between his toes.

And, saving the best for last as usual, this was the reaction when the aforementioned little munchkin discovered that today was not going to be a swimming day at the beach.

Another day, dear Bear, hopefully a summer’s day in Jeffrey’s Bay!

Well friends, I can’t wait to grab a moment to go through lots more photos and share more with you from our travels at present! In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying your adventure today!


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The Sometimes-Spotted African Bear

In case you were feeling that our one and only was becoming a lesser-spotted species of Bear lately, here’s your fix on where you might spot the 20 month old wonder these days.

He was recently seen dancing and testing out musical instruments in Green Market Square in Cape Town. He tried to score a five-finger discount on a FIFA World Cup soccer ball — the special 2010 ones with the South African flag — but his Mom made him put it back.

He also recently did a little bit of a hike atop Table Mountain.* He found the uneven terrain slightly challenging, but preferred to make the journey without any hand-holding whenever possible. His Mom was disappointed that he didn’t find the heights to be good reason for caution.

*He intends to avoid the potties next time.

He was also spotted eating with a fork for the first time on Tuesday. Macaroni and cheese, no less. Shortly afterwards, he climbed stairs without the assistance of an adult or his hands. Sure, there were only three stairs, and they were only four inches tall or so, but who’s counting?

In his spare time, the Bear has also recently been spotted perusing his vast collection of Veggie Tales and Wonder Pets. (Thanks, Amiee, Sarah and Rory!)

He was also spotted on an adventure unlike most the Bear has seen before…

But he felt that he fit right in, and rather enjoyed it.

So, folks, those are the coordinates for spotting the greater-spotted African Bear. If you’re hoping to see him outside captivity, you’ll need to move quickly. He is known to transition from walking to running before you’ve got the lens cap off your camera.

Who says there aren’t bears on this continent? 🙂


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Every Person Has a Story :: The Princess in Trainers

I have another story to share with you. I just wish I knew more of it to share.

I had the privilege of washing these tiny feet.

I’m not sure if this little one understood English at all. But Hero Hubs, being the Hero he is, managed to get her to smile.

Isn’t she beautiful?

The Sunday School teachers told us the kids went to borrow clothes and shoes to come to the distribution, and were probably wearing their very best when we came. That was really humbling to hear.

She was missing most of the top row of teeth, my best guess is due to malnutrition or a lack of hygiene. It also seemed that her eyelids had perhaps been infected and healed in a jagged fashion.

I wish I knew more of her story to tell.

But it was a privilege that our stories converged for a moment one sunny morning in the Western Cape.

Every person has a story.

It’s amazing to think that God knows them all.


Travelling Tuesday: Table Mountain, South Africa

You already know it if you read the potty story last week. We ventured up Table Mountain last Tuesday, and a mountain as cool as this one deserves its own Travelling Tuesday. For sure!

You take a cable car up to the top (well you can hike it if you want but uh…with a 20 month old Bear…nuh-uh).

It’s pretty cool to watch the mountain approaching as you ride up in the cable car.

The view is really impressive from the top… There’s Lion’s Head, that next hill is Signal Hill, and the island out there is Robben Island! You can even see Cape Town Stadium where some of the World Cup games will be played this summer!

How tiny does the Bear look next to Manny? (The founder of Samaritan’s Feet who was visiting last week!)

Hold hands when you’re crossing a bridge, Bear!

You can see so far in every direction from the top. This is looking south toward Cape Point.

Isn’t it wonderful when you have moments in life like that, where you get a chance to look up and get some good perspective?

Our new friend and work colleague, Courtney, enjoying the view… (Just so you know we weren’t taking pictures of random strangers.)

And look, a mongoose like Rikki Tikki Tavi!

Remember how I told you about the Cape Region being a unique floral kingdomwith lots of species of plants that are found here and nowhere else in the world? Well, that might be some of the unique stuff right there, but I’m no botanist. And we’re heading towards winter, so the foliage was a little sparse.

But, look, here’s a dassie! Like the ones we saw in Hermanus, but better behaved.

We tried to get a family photo at the top, but the Bear just wasn’t cooperating.

This one’s better. Well it makes me giggle anyway. HH got the Bear to smile!

You may have seen this view around these parts before. 🙂 We took a picture at this exact same spot a little over three years ago, when HH and I visited South Africa, just a week or so before he asked me to marry him! I should tell you that story sometime.

So, that’s a slice of life atop Table Mountain! Lovely, hey?

Hope your Tuesday is going great, and you’re enjoying your adventure today!


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If I Could Have This in My Heart

Here’s what I’m trying to say. Don’t worry about your life — what you’re gonna eat and drink, what you’re gonna wear. Isn’t there more to life than food? More to having a body than wearing clothes? Think about it. Birds don’t plant seeds or drive thru McDonalds, but God feeds them.

Aren’t you more important than birds?

And think about how flowers grow. They don’t shop on Rodeo Drive or spend time at a sewing machine, but they’re so much more beautiful than any of the dresses on the red carpet. If God provides clothing for flowers which won’t last but a few days, won’t He take care of you?

So stop repeating over and over again, “Where should we eat tonight?” or “I don’t have anything to wear.” This is what people who don’t believe in God are worried about. But God knows what you need. So make Him and His kingdom your number one priority, and you’ll have everything you need.

And don’t worry about tomorrow. There’s enough happening today to keep you occupied.”

(Matthew 6:25-34, my paraphrase)

Lord, help us get this in our hearts.