Hi! I’m Caroline.

And my journey with Jesus, like my website, is a work in progress.

I create resources to help people find deeper, more meaningful relationships with God through pursuing, pondering, and prayer. The link below will take you to the new home of all the lovely resources I’ve created to help you keep walking one day deeper with Jesus.

Check Out My New Online Study!

40 Days Deeper: Perspective is a new online Bible study designed to help you dig into the word day after day and find the kind of perspective that will help you stay rooted in Christ through anything life sends your way!

With email reminders and a format that helps you keep track of your progress, you’ll dig into familiar Scriptures and find depth you never expected. 

Hope is tough in hard places.

In 2019, a brain aneurism put our eight-year old in the hospital and turned our lives upside down. It was incredibly difficult, but God met us on the journey.

Blake spent the next 48 days in the hospital, and I’m grateful to say he is a walking miracle and an answer to so many prayers, but that leaves so much of the story untold. If you are facing impossible circumstances, I’d love to encourage you to keep holding onto hope.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” {Matt. 19:14, NIV}

If you’ve ever felt uneasy communicating about faith with your kids, you’re not alone. I’ve created a simple resource to help get you started!

Let's Talk This Out...


The Best News for When You Feel Unqualified

I was reading in Luke 5 the other day and thinking about that interesting reaction Peter (at this point he's still called Simon) has when Jesus teaches from his boat, and then asks him to put out his nets again. He's kinda like… “Uh… we've been fishing all night but...

When You Mess Up: Two Things to Think About

I mess up a lot. I'm hoping you can relate. Lately I've been thinking about two questions related to mistakes that relate to one another. I often need reminding about the answers. Question One: How should I handle my mistakes? Two: What should I believe about myself...

How Arabella and I Made a Beautiful Altar

You know how they built altars in the Old Testament to commemorate and remember significant moments in the stories of their lives?    I kind of feel like my eldest daughter and I have one now, and I'm ridiculously grateful. As long as Moses held up his hands, Israel...