I’m Caroline Collie, and I want to help you live your one precious life the way you were created to live it!

growing things can be really hard

Especially when the thing you’re hoping to grow… is you. What if someone could send you a weekly dose of encouragement that kept you asking yourself the right questions to help you keep moving forward in life, with faith? That’s exactly what I like to do, every week.

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Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” {Matt. 19:14, NIV}

If you’ve ever felt uneasy talking with your kids about faith, you’re not alone. I’ve created a simple resource to help get you started!

Meal Planner 2.0 is Here!

The meal plan system I created to explain my methods to friends has been upgraded! For 2021, I revamped the Planner by simplifying the steps and adding another month of weeknight favorites.

I hope this makes your kitchen even happier this year!!

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Two Words to Solve All Your Problems

Can we please have a dog? When can we have a dog? For years, one of our kids asked, on a very consistent basis, if our family could have a dog. He discussed all the reasons it would be wonderful to have a dog. Every time he felt bored he pictured himself in the...

It Stands to Reason… Until It Doesn’t

Once upon a time, Lucy ventured into the wardrobe and found herself in a new country called Narnia. Edmund found it, too, but decided to pretend he hadn't. So it was a great concern for the elder siblings, Peter and Susan, to try to understand why Lucy was pretending...

Who Gets To Say Who You Are?

Have I ever told you about my first job after college?  I moved to a new town to do an internship at a new church, but the only paying gig that opened for my Masters-degree-toting, wet-behind-the-ears-self was at a Pawn Shop. It was pretty different from the desk job...