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I write and speak because I believe words can change the world.

Hi, I’m Caroline!

I’m a Jesus-loving, word-scribbling, wife to the Hero Hubs and homeschoolin’ mother of four and I’m so stinkin’ delighted something brought you to this little corner of the internet!

I created this place to help women who want to deepen their faith. Through weekly devotionals, annual 30 Days Deeper Bible Studies, and speaking just about every time I get the chance, I aim to inspire everyone who encounters my words to find a deeper walk with Jesus.

I believe you have a race to swim and a lane to swim it in, and I pray I can encourage you to find both.


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“I believe you were created with a race to swim and a lane to swim it in. My heart is to encourage you to live your one precious life doing exactly that.”

Want a Slice of Backstory?

I’m originally from Washington, North Carolina, studied Communications and International Studies at East Carolina University, spent a summer in Mexico and fell in love with international mission work, scrubbed chainsaws as a pawnbroker in Raleigh, NC, and earned a Masters in Theological Ethics at the University of Edinburgh while serving as a church planter in Edinburgh, Scotland. Pretty much in that order.

I met my South African Hero Hubs, Mark, in Edinburgh, we tied the knot a wee while later. Our first kiddo was born about a year later. Yep. Totes pregnant on that first anniversary. We moved to South Africa to start a local branch of an international non-profit a year later and welcomed our second son into our family in Somerset West, a lovely town near Cape Town.

Life brought us full-circle, back to eastern North Carolina in 2011, where our two lovely daughters were born. I’ve been writing for over a decade, speaking when I get the opportunity, and praying I can be an encouragement to you, to keep pressing into the high, deep, wide and wonderful love the Creator of the Universe has, just for precious, remarkable you.

See the bar graph on the left for how I spend my time.


  • Homeschooling
  • Cooking Food & Doing Laundry
  • Reading
  • Writing

I like to think of my weekly emails as a quiet invitation to give a little more thought to the stuff that really matters.

I’d love to make your inbox a little more encouraging. 

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