I have another story to share with you. I just wish I knew more of it to share.

I had the privilege of washing these tiny feet.

I’m not sure if this little one understood English at all. But Hero Hubs, being the Hero he is, managed to get her to smile.

Isn’t she beautiful?

The Sunday School teachers told us the kids went to borrow clothes and shoes to come to the distribution, and were probably wearing their very best when we came. That was really humbling to hear.

She was missing most of the top row of teeth, my best guess is due to malnutrition or a lack of hygiene. It also seemed that her eyelids had perhaps been infected and healed in a jagged fashion.

I wish I knew more of her story to tell.

But it was a privilege that our stories converged for a moment one sunny morning in the Western Cape.

Every person has a story.

It’s amazing to think that God knows them all.