Yesterday I began the arduous and heart-sore task of sharing those lovely monthly photos we took, to share the Tank’s progress from Speedy Delivery to our crawling, cruising, drooling bundle of joy who just turned one. It turned into a photo fest because there were so many in-between shots it felt wrong not to include to tell the story.

Hope ya don’t mind.

We were in North Carolina, close to seven months old, Tiger Tank meeting his maternal grandparents for the first time, big brother beginning Preschool. Emotions were soaring and dipping and soaring again…

I had a birthday…did I ever show you my awesome cake?


{From Africa to North Carolina…well done, cake decorators! They even included Madagascar, my favourite!}

And suddenly six months was seven!


{Seven Months Young!}

And the unexpected joy of having a child in the middle of a transcontinental move just keeps flowing…


Month 8 was a smiley one…we struggled to keep this little guy still and keep my hands out of the picture, but not let him fall off this chair! See?


{‘Course the 8 Month Story Went Live After the Tenth… Whoops!}


We headed down to visit Uncle Russ in Atlanta for Thanksgiving, and we got to see our precious cousin, Emmi Claire! {And her parents, with a wee one on the way!!}


And the 9 month milestone took place at Uncle Russ’s.


{Nine Months On the Outside!}

It was in this very spot the Thanksgiving before where we opened the envelope to find out if the Tank was a Tank or a Tinkerbell!

Then, we missed Goo-Goo and Gammy, but loved seeing family and friends for our first Christmas.



And by then 10 Full Months had come and gone…

{Ten Months, And Leave the Lid Down}

We moved into our new place and the weather outside was chilly!


Before we knew it, eleven was the number on the shirt and oh my the baby days were cruising by too quickly!


{Grace-Laced Elevensies}

And with the blink of an eye, it seems this year went by about as quickly as the crazy drive to the hospital where the journey began.


{And the rest of the 12 months photos still need a download and an edit, and are forthcoming.}

Through sleepless nights, drooling and teething, unmentionably awful diapers, brothers already having little spats and arguments over toys, even through getting sprayed with milk or personally receiving on my own face many-a rejected taste of food — through it all I am more convinced than ever that “Children are a gift from the Lord. They are a reward from Him.” {Psalm 127:3}

I am fearfully and wonderfully thankful. And wow, we’re just getting started.