We noticed a mishap of gargantuan proportions recently. The reason for radio silence around here is, primarily because we are working on launching a local photography business — more on that later — and secondarily (do I ever make sense?) because we had to get a new Mac, since a laptop that can only edit eight photos an hour does not make photography a possibility for one Hero Hubs.

Said Hero Hubs moved all my stuff over to the new computer as well — it has a big screen and is nice to work on, but between #1 and #2 we’ve been working hard ’round these parts.

Now as I was saying in the midst of these movements, we discovered among our photo collections a serious mishap, which was that I never posted the absolutely schmadorable Eight Months photos we took of the Tank. Knowing we’re rounding the corner on a year and I can create a nice big post full of links so that you can review the year at your leisure (or else I’ll compile them all because who can be bothered to click so many links) it felt wrong not to have these photos somewhere around here, so that they too can join the lineup when we look back — and how has all this time passed anyway?

Eleven months photographs have also been taken, since that milestone just passed. But the Eight Month ones are appearing first, because they’re so dang late.

Moving along, eight months was a rather good time for the Blakester.


His first two teeth were emerging, and he was excited about eating meat. Like any good South African baby boy.


But, it’s really difficult to get this kid to smile for the camera. As you can see.


He’s like a stone wall, really.


A sad amount of cheer in his disposition.


At eight months, the crawl was developing nicely.


Swiftly followed by extra helpings of mischief.


And ridiculously adorable sneezes.


It’s just too bad we couldn’t get him to smile for you this time.


There’s always next month.

{Which is actually eleven months since we’re a bit out of order. Anywho.}


Ready for the mischievous “I’m ready for Baby Gap” big finish?



Thanks for bringing us heaps of joy, wee boy!


Elevensies are on the way!

End note: if the Tank looks Ginger in these photos, I think it’s just the coloring. He doesn’t seem nearly so red-headed in real life these days. His brother’s the one born in Scotland, anyway.