Hope you haven’t been clicking the refresh button all day, waiting to hear the news! If so, sorry for the delay. I was hoping to upload the video which would allow you to be a part of the special moment, and sometimes figuring out how to do these types of things takes a while. Jet lag doesn’t speed up the process, but having a Hero Hubs around sure does help!!

Before I tell you anything else, PLEASE look at my adorable niece. Cutest. Ever.

I am so SO so SO delighted to finally get to meet her. She has an infectiously adorable personality. She giggles and claps her hands and pulls up and dances and is so sweet if I don’t stop talking about her all of you will have a cavity. The Bear has demonstrated excellent gentle and share skills when she has been around, which has been great to see! He’s going to be a wonderful Big Brother Bear!

Okay, I promise we’ll head to the news now. But isn’t she adorable?

As an intro to the video, I’ll tell you that while for the last few weeks I was almost convinced this babe would be a lassie, for about 48 hours, I have suddenly felt completely certain that, while still a Collie, this babe is in fact a laddie. Perhaps it has been the fact that this pregnancy has been so similar to the last one. Perhaps it’s the fact that the kicks now feel like they’re coming from a rugby player and not a ballerina. Perhaps it was a whisper from this little one’s Creator. I suddenly felt like I knew.

With family gathered Tuesday night, we decided to open the envelope and I was of course nervous and felt like I couldn’t, but was afraid if we let the Bear open it he might tear it up and then we still wouldn’t know. So we placed the envelope in the care of my sister, and she eagerly did the honours!

In the last moments as she looked up at me before opening the envelope and making the announcement, (just before my brother began taking the video below with his iPhone) I announced with great certainty,

“It’s a boy. I KNOW it’s a boy.”

Would you care to click play and find out if I was right?

So that’s the news from Atlanta! The Bear is going to be an awesome big brother to an awesome little brother next year! It’s hard to explain why, but little brother just feels so right. We are stoked, and we look forward to introducing you in February!! Coming soon, to a jungle-themed nursery near you!


P.S. Hope you’re enjoying this week of {Thanks}giving! Please tune in tomorrow for one voice in the chorus who won’t be singing alto or soprano! Hope you enjoy a thank-filled day!