We watched videos this morning from those precious moments one year ago when our nine-pound Tiger was born in nine minutes. They weren’t actual videos of the birth, however. In case you were wondering. I was pretty much in tears — watching the videos, not during the birth — and not just at the tiny new baby, but also at how the Bear has changed in the past year.

The Birthday boy’s been having an okay day. He got to talk to Goo-Goo & Gammy on Skype and hang out with G-pa a little. But more little toofers are breaking through so he’s been kind of bummed about that. Today’s theme was “It’s my birthday and I’ll nap if I want to.” He didn’t want to. Our wee Breakfast Brunch Birthday Bash for Blakey will be happening tomorrow morning because we thought our stuff would be arriving from SA yesterday or today. They’ve now said Monday.

And we sure are hoping.

Another important part of celebrating the festivities today was choosing a winner for the Quiver Tree Photo Giveaway, which launched on the Tank’s due date! Since Tiger Tank was in no mood to choose a winner, we decided to let Gpa click the number generator thingy to randomly select the winner. Just so no one would be concerned it was the Hubs or yours truly behind the wheel, choosing a favourite.

You’re all my favourite!!


And this is what Gpa’s click chose:


And number 47 was….

Megan Boltes

who said:

We would [love] to have pics of both of our boys now that our youngest is home : )

So congrats, Megan! Since you entered through Facebook, I’ll contact you on FB so we can plan your photo session!

But hang tight before you get totally bummed and say “I never win anything” and go eat a few cookies with ice cream to make yourself feel better. {Or is that just me?} Once the Hubs and I saw all you sweet people entering, we started to get kind of bummed because we could only choose one winner, so we came up with a plan.

For all of you delightful folks who entered the giveaway but came in “close second”, we’re going to take a third off of the cost of a photo session {$75 – $25 = $50!} and give you 10% off any prints or photo products you order after your session, if you book a session/order in the next three months!

We will email or Facebook you to confirm those details, but if you don’t receive an email, just comment here or contact us on Facebook so we can send through the coupon codes and contact details and whoseywhatnots.

Thanks so much for entering and sharing the word. We really would love to get to hang with each and everyone of you.

One more lovely parting gift for all of you this evening: we managed to grab some 12 months shots of our precious little Tiger this afternoon. It was kind of yucky and rainy, and they are presently unedited, but here’s our smiling birthday boy!

A quick stroll down memory lane…

We’ve gone from here…


to here…

In what feels like 90 minutes.

Can you believe it?

Well b’deep b-b-deep, that’s all folks! Thanks again!