Sometimes the most uncomfortable seasons in life seem to be the transitiony ones. The In Between. {But not the Jack Johnson type of In Between.} I mean the seasons where the soon-to-be is not yet, but the what-once-was is already slipping by. And you find yourself in this middle ground that you sometimes forgot about or didn’t think to expect — it doesn’t have a name and it wasn’t on the calendar, but, well, here it is, and being in it feels itchy and makes it hard for your heart to sit still.

Suspension Bridge2

Life is sort of in-between for me in a few different arenas right now. An obvious and simple example is my closet. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not pregnant anymore. Translation: when I wear my maternity jeans, they generally slide down my backside and I have to try to pull them up again with a very ladylike hoist every five minutes. When I wear the wonderful maternity tops that my Mom blessed me with, I either still look pregnant or just … like all that baking I’ve been doing has finally caught up with me.

But I’m sure you can guess why this is a transitional season. Even when you have your baby after about nine minutes of active labour, you still won’t fit into your old clothes next week. The human body, as it should, takes time to transition to the new you, which can hopefully still fit into some of the old you’s clothes eventually.

If you try to push yourself to lose the extra weight too quickly, you are likely to end up fatigued, struggling with a poor milk supply if you’re nursing, perhaps even sick or injured, and in the end you’ll probably need more transition time. You have to trust the process and take the time, remembering that seasons always pass.

Do you ever feel like you’ve done the hard work and caught the wave, and the beautiful sunny shore is there in front of you, clearly approaching, but you’re still on your surfboard, and you need to navigate the waters with poise and balance?

Just me, huh?

My guess is I’m not the only one who feels “transitiony” right now. Though it’s a challenge, I’m doing my best to stay on my board and ride the wave with some of a slice of poise and a dash of balance, and I thought I’d share a few thoughts in case you’re here, (or for when you find yourself here) too.

These are principles with some practical applications — as they apply to my situation… Ahem.

Principle: Do your best to find some thankfulness to frame the moment.
Practical Application: Be thankful for the new baby instead of focusing on the spare tire lumped around your waist. Be thankful that you have clothing to wear. Be thankful that you can walk and exercise and that you have food to eat. Focus on being thankful!

Principle: Although you can’t force the transition, you can do things to prepare yourself for the next season.
Practical Application: Begin putting away the maternity clothes that just don’t fit, and perhaps even clearing the closet of clothes that you haven’t worn since before your firstborn arrived on the scene. Positive change feels like progress, even if you’re still in transition. Look for things you can accomplish now, which will give you a sense of control and perhaps set you a little more at ease. {Now’s the time to encourage your brain to figure out how this applies to your situation, because my guess is a good number of you are NOT in my particular boat.}

Principle: Remind yourself that for everything (turn, turn, turn) there is a season — there is a time for every purpose under heaven. {Eccl. 3:1} Translation: there is a reason you are in this season right now.
Practical Application: Instead of focusing on what you’re waiting for, think about where you are now, and what you should perhaps be learning right now. Thankfulness is a good lesson to start with, but I am certain there is more. It may be that the Lord is waiting for you to get it before the season turns.

Those are a few thoughts on how I’ve been riding the transition wave, toes on the nose, hair blowing in the winds of change…and I’m managing to stay on the board!

What works for you when you feel in between?

Or is it really just me?