I lay in bed awake last night,


This Jesus who changed the world

and changed my world

He never did get too comfortable.

And those twelve guys who followed Him around…

one boy’s lunch feeding thousands, get up and walk…

They saw.

Storm calming, magic fishing, water to wine, a meal feeding the masses again.

And it seemed that just when they thought they had this Jesus figured out, there was

water walking, wild preaching, cheek-turning, two-mile going, upside-down words of Life.

And then there was

Lame standing, blind seeing, deaf hearing, mute speaking, table-turning

Dead, Alive again.

Eat My flesh and drink My blood.

I Am leaving but that’s good.

And it seems like no matter how hard they tried, they never could get


with Jesus.

So I lay in bed awake last night,


And I wondered why this itchy faith.

This soul-stretching heart-wrenching hope-building way of living

Should come as a surprise to me.

He was and He did.

He is and He does.

But Comfortable.

And Jesus.

That just won’t do.

I think.

–Caroline Collie