O ne day back in the late 80s, the Lord was in an especially good mood, and He created my dear friend Agnes. He had it in mind to bless a lot of people with joy, sunshine, some good laughs, a sweet friend and a listening ear among other things. And one of the folks blessed with the gift of Agnes was me!

When my feet landed for a good stay on Scottish soil six years ago, I had the privilege of meeting Agnes. We began meeting up over coffee, and talking about God and life and faith, over tasty Scottish treats with occasionally anxious waitresses. I was especially thankful for her friendship when a lot of the friends I’d made on the church plant team started heading on to new adventures after the first year or two in Edinburgh.

Look, here we are, hanging out when I was pregnant with the Bear!


When Agnes touched base with the idea of coming to visit for a wee while here in SA, I was delighted. And when she shared the dates she had in mind and I realised I’d be giving birth while she was here, I was ecstatic. If she hadn’t been here this labour story would be very different.

Next Wednesday, we’ll be taking Agnes to the airport, and she’ll be making her way back to our beloved Scotland. It has been an incredible joy and pleasure to have her here — and there will be many tears when we have to say goodbye! I asked Agnes if she’d like to share a little something with you dear friends and readers in summation of her time here in Mama Africa, and I’m so glad I did. Without further ado, I turn it over to the Bear’s new BFF!


Hey, this is Agnes here. I’m the Scottish/Danish girl who has had the honour of living with the Collies for the last three months and had a few appearances in the past few blogs of Caroline’s. You could say that I am blog shy. Instead of writing a huge post, I have opted for a short list of the Top Ten moments during my time here in SA while sharing life for the last three months with the Collie Clan.

My Top Ten Moments in SA

1. BLAKE DARROW COLLIE – Allowing me to witness and hold a pure miracle by God. You may have been overdue, but my boy, you were fast!


2. Directly after that- Learning that baby poo is a luminous yellow the first few weeks. (Changing that nappy put me off my favourite dish- Honey Mustard Chicken! Thanks for noting that Caroline!)

3. Learning the SA motto- TIA (This is Africa), that never fails when you find yourself in an unexplainable/crazy/ hilarious situation….pretty much an everyday occurrence

4. That after 16 years in Scotland/Britain, I’d be lucky if my skin got burnt or even a slight pale roasted chicken coloured tone to it.

5. Hearing Asher sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, after just a few minutes of teaching him! And hearing him spell “stop” the right way after months of correcting him saying P.O.P = Stop.

6. Asher- Although stinky, cleaning up Asher’s poopy after a wee toilet disaster!


7. Realising that God is God wherever you are travelling. Even when I doubt Him and His goodness — He is always good and never has doubts about me.

8. The many bright, intense and fluffy, marshmallowy sunsets reflecting on to the waters surface.

9. Watching the movie “Faith Like Potatoes” and the next week having dinner with the lead lady and her husband at the Collie Household- Awesome and fun!

10. Abseiling 200ft down Table Mountain with Alan and puking up on the hike back. I’d recommend it to anyone, not the puking up part but the abseil is a great way to put a real scare in to your boots and see an awesome view!

So there you have it.

The most amazing part of my three month journey, is that it actually happened! Before I landed in Cape Town I promised God to be a blessing to Caroline and her family, in whatever way I could.

Turns out I am not a blessing — God is.

DSC_1961He sent me to the Collie Clan and showered me with time and sun. Probably the two most needed things in everyone’s lives, I know it was for me.

I would have to say that when Caroline asked if I would write for her blog, it was a sweet enough request but still quite daunting as I know the skill and talent which she has for writing. She is in that respect the complete opposite from me, I find writing a challenge and at times it frustrates me to be unable to put in words the moment or thoughts I have. However in the kindness of friendship I have found to ASK.

Let others help and always ASK. Ask about everything, for learning is the sweetest blessing there is.
I would really like to end this with a request for you. Join me in praying for this full-hearted, quirky, kind family, for blessing to be a continuing cover for them to walk under in this next season. Ta, Love Agnes x


How delightful is she?

Dear Agnes, this is most definitely my most favourite guest post ever. Thank you so much for your kind words and your wonderful heart! You have been an INCREDIBLE blessing from God to us as we’ve transitioned from a family of three to a family of four. The next time I see two little lines on a stick I might be calling you again! 😉 In all seriousness, it has been an overwhelming blessing to have you in our home. “Thank you” seems insufficient, but Thank You! We love you and look forward to being together again somewhere around this big wide world soon. You are absolutely one-of-a-kind!

Now does anybody know another sweet Danish/Scottish dancing lassie who’s great with kids that can come stay with us for a while? I kid. But pray for me next Wednesday.