I have a lot of favourite people. I guess. I mean at least a gracious plenty. But this chick is one of my favourite favourite people.

She’s the one on the right. That’s me in the middle, in case you were wondering. Yeah. That was before I had a baby. I could button that vest. And that’s her also-awesome sister Natasha on the left, currently in Indonesia. She’s also one of my favourite people. And even if spell check tries to correct me one more time for putting a “u” in favourite, I’m gonna keep spelling it that way because I said I was gonna stick to British spelling on this blog way back in Scotland and I meant it! Travel…ling Tuesdays and all!


As I was saying, one of my favourite favourite people, also seen below, a dear friend of mine from Scotland via Denmark, is considering coming to South Africa to do an internship with Samaritan’s Feet and stay with us. And I’m so excited, I want the whole world wide web to know!

Everybody has to sit in dog poo at least once in their lives, right?

It’s like that scene in Elf, where Will Ferrell runs into the conference room, throw his arms out wide, tosses his hat aside and says, I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!

So. Two prayer requests for you guys today. #1 Please pray that it will work out for Agnes to come stay with us in South Africa. And that she’ll stay for ages and ages. (It’s a little selfish, I know.)

#2 If Agnes can’t come to South Africa, I might be heartbroken. Forever. So I’ll ask twice, please pray it works out for her to come. 🙂

The Bear loves her, too!

Thanks for letting me share the love. For one of my f-a-v-o-u-u-u-rite people. Who will hopefully rock up on the scene in SA in early 2011. YES!