I ‘ve been a little on the tired side this week. {Can’t figure out why!?!} I woke up this morning after a strange dream in which I’d decided to die my hair cotton candy pink and I was using a follow the dots piece of paper I’d printed out at home to cut fresh layers in my hair instead of paying to have it cut properly. Holding up a piece of paper to a section of hair, with scissors, I don’t think it was going so well right around the time I woke up.

Weird, I know.

I realised this afternoon that it has rather been a bit of time since last I updated you on the howabouts and howgoings of the newest addition to the Collie clan. Not to be confused with the newest edition, which was a book by Alexander McCall Smith called the Unbearable Lightness of Scones. It was delightful, but I digress.

When you last received a series of shots and howgoings about Baby Brother, he had just turned one month young, and I am delighted to tell you that he is a bright and chipper seven-week-old now. {Meaning I’ve resisted the urge to post photos every other day.} He enjoys being whistled to and smiled at, he is gurgling and cooing, and he seems especially interested in the movements of his big brother, the Bear. And last week he proudly tipped the scales at 6.1kgs or 13 lbs and 7 oz! I’ll let Baby Brother update you on how it’s going…

It’s been a great few weeks since I saw you last! Hi! Look how happy I am!


I got my first picture of just me with my Mom and Dad. She was teary because I was smiling so sweet.


I’ve been watching my big brother build big towers (and colour on his face!)


He likes it when I cuddle up with him in his big boy bed!


I met my Uncle Vaughan for the first time! He brought me a cool hat and I’m looking forward to wearing it!


I’ve been getting extra cuddles from Agnes since she’s leaving soon. I’m gonna miss her.


Between all the excitement around here and working on my head control, I’m pretty pooped.

Hope your weekend is getting off to a good start!