I was asked a few days ago (or maybe a few weeks ago…life seems ablur at the moment) what my favourite posts from 2010, or this space in general were. When I first think about it, the ones that stand out are stories like Mr. Potato Head’s Roaming or Being Fed-Exed a Brick.

Taking a good moment to think a little harder, ones like Where You Live Should Not Decide and Staying the Course or Fweaking Out stand out as moments where I think some of you were encouraged and inspired, and I was blessed to be a part of that process.

After a little more thought, I decided instead of posting what I liked best from this year, it would be nice to hear from you. What were some of your favourite posts from 2010? If you are a blogger and want to share a post from your site, please link it up in the Linky below. If you want to take a moment to think of a post from my site that meant a lot to you, I’d love for you to link that up, too. I’m not expecting a server crash, so link up all you want! The category dropdown and the search engine to the right might help you find what you’re looking for (if it’s a post you read around here) or if you want to just leave a comment and I’ll try to find the link for you, I’ll be glad to.

It has been a blessing to write from the heart here, and to sense that I occasionally have the privilege of hitting the nail on the head and sharing something on God’s heart, that has been meant for some of you at specific moments and for specific reasons that I knew nothing about. What a joy and a privilege, I just have to use that word twice!

Thank you for joining me here. Thank you for encouraging me by dropping in, even if you don’t say a word.

I am confident that 2011 is going to be a year full of change, full of growth, and full of life. And my hope is that for me, and for you, for this space and many others, the best is yet to come. Happy New Year!


P.S. Please do take a moment to share a link below. I love hearing from you and knowing what content keeps you coming back!