Seriously. So you guys all know that Mr. Potato Head went a-wandering a few weeks ago, took a long stroll and kissed a BMW. If you’re not up to speed, read this.

You back? Okay good. So, this afternoon we got a package from our car insurance company, Outsurance.

Interesting, we thought. They’re sending us their condolences? Some kind gesture to say they’re sorry for our troubles? A friendly fruitcake mayhaps?

Nope. Or as they say in Afrikaans, nee. (Pronounce that knee-yuh and you’ve got yourself some foreign language skills.)

They Fed-Exed us a brick. I don’t even know how to spell Fed-Exed as a verb, but I’m dead serious.

Just making sure you’re following the story:

They Fed-Exed us a brick. A big, fat used brick.

What explanation was there for the special brick of rapidly couriered condolence?

I’m glad you asked:

“Dear Mr Collie The perfect ABS braking system. Regards: Karabo”

Yup. So while we’re busy organising for the distribution of thousands of pairs of shoes, sending emails, asking questions, creating websites, preparing for my brother’s arrival (yay!), busy with lots of other merriment and wondering what our car insurance company is up to since they haven’t processed our claim, they’re busy Fed-Exing big fat used bricks. Speedy delivery.

The good thing is, we do have a sense of humour. We laughed and we consider it a good-natured joke, this whole poking fun at people who’ve made a mistake which has cost them thousands of Rand. And I suppose I’m rather glad the brick came to us, and not to someone whose feelings might really have been hurt by it. (Or who might’ve gone postal with rage.)

The only problem is, I just can’t think of what we ought to send back. Ideas? 🙂