I told you guys a while ago … or better put I’ve been telling you for a while, that I see too many coincidences to believe in coincidence any more. God is actively at work in our lives in marvelous and mysterious ways.

This month’s mystery? The case of the big paycheck and the roaming potato.

Say what?

Well, this month we had a bigger than usual paycheck. We didn’t run out to celebrate and blow half of it, mind you, we just trusted it was there for a reason (if nothing else to pay off more of Mr. Potato Head!) and we didn’t change our pace.

So last week we were busy at a Samaritan’s Feet South Africa staff meeting. All two of us. In the cafe at our gym with the Bear in the nursery (where they let him watch Barney and paint and colour and jump in the big ball pit — perhaps more aptly named Toddler Heaven). Only our meeting was interrupted by a request from the front desk that the owner of a certain Citroen with licence plate number lalala should come to the desk.

Hero Hubs said “Hey that’s our car!” while I was completely oblivious and busy typing.

When he didn’t return after, say, ten minutes or so, I thought, Hmm, guess it wasn’t our headlights. I asked at the front desk what had happened and decided to pack up our laptops to further investigate.

What had happened, yo?

Well, Mr. Potato Head apparently felt a little lonely and went on an adventure. His handbrake wasn’t pulled, and the seemingly invisible to the naked eye gradient of the gym parking lot was enough to get Potato rolling. And rolling. And rolling.

You need some visuals?

Well, here’s where we left Tato.

And here’s where Tato ended up.

Yes, I am standing where Tato should be. And past that parking guard, and that stop sign and that red car turning left, there in the distance with the crowd of people is where Tato’s solo adventure ended.

Against the front of a BMW.

It went a lil something like this.

Oh yeah, and then the BMW’s adventure ended. Against the side of an old Fox or Polo or something.

Apparently this parking guard was attempting to direct reversing Potato for some time before discovering Potato was an unmanned ship. I really wish I could’ve seen that go down.

Meanwhile the police officers who arrived on the scene struggled to piece together the exact details of this unusual incident…

Ugh, what?

It’s a considerable distance, I suppose.

Ya know, I saw cars kiss while we were in France…

Yes, they were really parked like that! I suppose carkisses around these parts are a bit ‘rougher’…

But at least the mystery of the big paycheck has been solved! Deductible! And thank goodness for car insurance — we have TOTALLY scored considering we’ve only had it for eight months. Unfortunately, those folks just bought that beamer last year. We sure do wish they didn’t have to be a part of our mystery!

That my friends, may have been a bit of an usual Travelling Tuesday for the books. But when Mr. Potato Head goes travelling of his own accord, I think it’s worth documenting. So laugh with me. Potatoes do roam.


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