Happy Tuesday, compadres! Were you afraid I wasn’t gonna make it? It could have been so! I am juggling a bit here and there, between caretaking and Christmas cards and cooking and catching up. And lots of other things that aren’t worth mentioning because they don’t start with C and will just ruin the flow.

But hooray for sitting still for a few moments to give you a brief rundown of our time Stateside so far. Aside from the delightful pictures you’ve already seen of my adorable niecey-poo with the Bear in the fall leaves, and of course the announcement of the wee one on the way’s gender.

Would you care for a rundown of these present travels this Travelling Tuesday?


Here are my brother and the Bear, very pleased that they remembered to call each other and discuss outfit choices for Thanksgiving.

The Bear and the E-Claire, bonding at the kiddies’ counter:Did I tell you it snowed in Atlanta while we were there??

Well…it’s not real snow, it is scheduled foamy bubble snow that kids get to play in every hour on the hour at Atlantic Station. Very fun. {Do you love the Bear’s South African toboggan (I cannot drop this ultra-Southern word for a winter cap from my vocab. It is just too fun to say. Join me by putting lots of emphasis on the toe.)}

The Bear warmed up to the “snow”…

We decorated G-pa’s Christmas tree… (or pee-pa, as the Bear says these days)

(In case you’re wondering, the colours of the alma mater of my Mom, Dad, brother, sister and lots of other family members including yours truly, are purple and gold. My Dad’s tree is mostly purple, as a result. Go Pirates!) And news flash in case you haven’t noticed: I. am. so. pregnant.

We picked out a tree for GC, too! {That’s short for Grandma Claire, (my Mom) for you newbies.}

The Bear delighted in exploring the aisles of Lowes {more toe-boggan love}

and in operating some heavy machinery {kids, don’t try this at home}

while Hero Hubs braved the c-c-cold to have the tree netted.

Isn’t he great?

After this, we drove to McDonalds to bring the folks working in the outdoor garden area some hot chocolate because it was so. so. so. cold.

Someone told me today that the temperatures are thirty degrees below average for this time of year. We feel it.

Other than mentioning some driving in the snow, trips to Charlotte, Kinston, Morehead City and of course Greenville, lots of catching up, getting a bridesmaid dress and getting it altered, {I LOVE it!} decorating GC’s tree (pics to come!) and … counting with candy canes…

we’ve just been hanging around and taking it easy since we got here. 😉


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