You’ve already seen a few of the shots from the delightful moment in the park in the ATL…but I thought I’d share a few more of my favourites this Travelling Tuesday. I’m excited to have more to share, specifically new shots from the Carolinas! Whoo-hoo!

{I’m still absorbing and processing the significant re-entry shock, but am collecting thoughts to share soon!}

Guess whose faces will grace Grandma’s Christmas Cards soon?

The cousins and perhaps their canine cuz…

The Bear really likes the swings he can’t fall out of…

Pass me a spoon, and I could eat this baby.

Logan might make the Grandma Christmas card, too!

I love these boys! Can you believe we’ll have another soon? 🙂

Last, but perhaps not least, a very posed attempt at putting the cousins together… It may seem awkward, but they just met, ya know?

I am a thankful gal this Travelling Tuesday! It’s such a blessing that this time my travels have taken me home!