Remember how I told you a while ago that we had a friend coming to visit? Well, our sweet friend Agnes got here yesterday, and I’m so excited! The last time we hung out was obviously a while ago — you’ll be able to judge the amount of time that has passed based on how much the Bear has changed:


We made her a special sign and waited for her at the airport.


But grew a little impatient and considered asking someone else to hold the sign for us.


Then thought mayhaps it would be fun to throw the sign around…



And then we abandoned the sign in search of better adventures.


But Agnes still arrived anyway!


And there was much happiness.


And even an offer to help with carrying things…


The Bear is absolutely delighted to have a new friend around, and we are too! She’ll be here for a couple of months, helping during this transition from a family of three to four, and enjoying a bit of South Africa at the same time. {I’m hoping to get her to write a little bit for you around here as well…what do you think?}

I love watching arrivals at the airport, much more than departures. As we were walking into the airport yesterday, the Bear recognised where we were and began saying “Bye bye, Gpa” — G-pa being my Dad, who took us to the airport back in the Carolinas last month. It was a teary goodbye to say the least. Sad just remembering it!

But arrivals are easy and beautiful. There is hope and excitement for what’s ahead, and not much thought is put into departure — life is just arriving. And that is happy stuff.

Speaking of arrivals, even more life will be arriving around these parts soon! I had my nearly 38-week checkup this afternoon, and the doctor says I’m already 1 – 2 cm dialated and things could begin happening quite quickly! We’ve got our Agnes in place, and we just picked up a changing table some friends are letting us borrow, (thank you sweet friends!) so we’re getting the baby stuff in place.

When the wee one will decide to arrive is anybody’s guess at this point. We just need a couple more days to figure out the name!!

By the way, does this shirt make me look fat?



P.S. I’m also excited because I’m going to be writing at Signpost Ministries on a regular basis. A post that might be familiar to you from a while ago is featured there right now! Signposts is ministry devoted to serving families with children who have chronic health problems or disabilities — I hope to share more with you soon!