I’m not exactly a poster child for Good Housekeeping.

So when I switched to a new laundry detergent a few weeks ago, popped open the box and couldn’t find the scooper, I assumed it was buried under the mountain of powder and did what seemed logical:

I used the scooper from the other box.

I measured out the amount I’d used of the other detergent, dumped it into the washer, and carried on with my day.

Seemed like a great idea at the time.

But then things started coming out of the wash with a light dusting of powder, like a lightly frosted rooftop on a winter’s morning.

A desirable trait in rooftops, but not so much men’s trousers.

You can probably guess what happened next?

When I finally got down far enough in that powdery mountain of detergent to find the new scoop I was in for a surprise: it was like, half the size of the other one. Just for fun I measured the amount I had been using into the new scoop and watched it spill over the sides.


The thing is, it got my wheels turning — maybe laundry day has the same affect on you?

Just me?

I started wondering what else I’m using the wrong measuring tools for.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what success looks like. At the end of a year, looking back at what I hoped to do, and comparing that with what I actually did — how do I measure the success of the year?

I turned my thoughts a little higher and started thinking about what God’s definition of success is. And in a moment of clarity I had this thought: 

My checkboxes aren’t nearly as important as the way I’m going about living my days. 

The positioning of my heart, the way I’m turning it toward the Lord (or not) throughout the day, maybe this is what the Lord is looking for? 

A heart that wants to beat in time with His. A posture that leans toward justice, kindness and faithfulness.

What might you be examining in yourself at the end of 2020? And just as important: how are you choosing to measure your year?

Before jumping to any conclusions and dumping the detergent in the washtub, so to speak — consider what measuring stick you’re using for assessment.

God’s measuring stick, I think, looks more like a cross with the word GRACE etched across it. It whispers:

You can walk with gentleness, kindness, and love.

You can be patient, long-suffering and a blessing.

You can live with a heart of joy and peace. 

And when you mess up?

You can fall short and keep going.  

What if God is just looking for people who will turn their hearts towards His, aiming to hear His voice, to listen and obey? What if God is just looking for people who want to faithfully show up?  

As you measure yourself (and your neighbors) these days, remember the way God’s measuring you and me:

G R A C E.

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