Imagine a season where...

All Is calm, All is bright

We string up lights, make meals and wrap gifts because we want to tell people we care. But the peace and the hope that are at the center of this season seem to get lost in the hustle and bustle. I've created a guide to help you think ahead, set priorities and look at the big picture.

Help for a hassle free holiday


download the guide

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set a schedule

Give yourself guidelines and deadlines. The guide will help you figure that out.


Be inspired + focused

We make meals and give gifts to tell people we care. Let the goal be connection, not perfection.

Fun ideas + Gifts with heart

Kiwi Co: Monthly Activity Crates

Choose a line anywhere from Panda (ages 0 – 2) to Maker (ages 14 and up), and get a single box, a 3 month subscription, or even an annual subscription. The child will receive a fun STEAM-oriented learning box in the mail. Try to order this early enough for the first box to arrive — you can wrap it and put it under the tree and let them know more are coming! My eldest has absolutely loved the Tinker Crate boxes!! We’re thinking of doing different boxes for each kid this Christmas. Use this affiliate link for $10 off!

Mercy House Global Shop

I loooove the heart behind this ministry! From small gifts like mugs and spoons to blankets and (amazing gift idea) the monthly Fair-Trade Friday Subscription Box, every gift you buy at Mercy House helps this ministry rescue pregnant girls in very difficult situations. I’m not an affiliate for Mercy House — I just LOVE their heart! Click here to visit their shop.


Rise of the Gingers… But First Sunscreen

My friend Brittany started an incredibly fun new company this year called Rise of the Gingers! Please check out her super cute shop for fun t-shirts, mugs and other apparel for the red heads (and honorary red-heads, parents of red-heads and friends of red-heads!) in your life. Click here to visit Rise of the Gingers and use the code CHRISTMAS15 for 15% off!!

The World Vision Gift Catalog

If you want to bless someone who already has it all, consider giving to someone in need in their honor. The World Vision catalog will allow you to give ducks or a goat, or even contribute to a deep well in an impoverished area. What a beautiful way to let the light of Jesus shine at this time of year!! Click here to visit the World Vision Catalog.

 Ideas for simple homemade gifts 

Personalize Your Edible Treats

Wrap a homemade loaf of a sweet bread with a cute and useful tea towel like this. Our favorites are pumpkin bread and this banana bread recipe — we add chocolate chips!

Buy 32 oz. Mason Jars (like these) and fill with a pre-mixed cookie recipe (like this one.)

Make Gingerbread Fudge and arrange it on a fun Christmas plate like this.


Add Flair to Gift Certificates

Pick up a gift certificate to a fun local store, tie the envelope with Red and White twine and add a vintage ornament.


Create With the Kids

Make Salt Dough Ornaments and tie with twine.

Make homemade ice cream, place in these pint containers and tie with twine (as linked above.) Psst… we have a friend who often does at Christmas and sometimes also makes hot fudge sauce in little jars like these and it is A FAVORITE! {This Gingerbread-Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream Recipe sounds delish!!}

Gifts for Her

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Readers

Some Favorites for older kids

Some Favorites for Younger kids

A Few More Suggestions

I hope these images will get your creative juices flowing on more ideas if you’re feeling stuck! Click on any image and you’ll head to a similar item at a reasonable price on Amazon.

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I hope the 2020 Holiday Guide is a gift to your soul, and hope you’ve already signed up for the Hassle-Free Holiday Guide to help make this season a little more stress-free!

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