I saw Jesus in two cups of powdered sugar Saturday morning.

Not in one of those unusual miraculous appearances like when a bunch of birds flock together and form a face in the sky. 

More in the way I’m often looking for Him: in a whisper, a change in perspective, an “aha” that makes me feel one step closer to understanding.

You’ve maybe seen this miracle for yourself. You start with a couple of cups of sifted powdered sugar – they look like tiny snow drifts in your mixing bowl. 

You add just one little teaspoon of vanilla, and one little tablespoon of milk.

When the liquids first hit the sugar, it just makes a few drops in those powdery mountains, but then the mountains seem to sort of collapse from within, right in front of you.

You start stirring, thinking that tiny bit of liquid will never be enough to touch all that sugar, and get it moist enough all the way through to be icing for you.

But you stir anyway, and that’s when the miracle happens.

In case you haven’t witnessed this miracle for yourself yet, I’ll tell you: a teaspoon of vanilla and a tablespoon of milk? They truly are enough. 

Enough for you and your wide-eyed seven-year-old to marvel: sometimes what seems like too little can be more than enough.

With a little bit of faith, and the will to keep on stirring, you get icing.

In the moment with the sugar Saturday morning, I thought about those loaves and fishes that didn’t seem like enough. I thought about the disciples furrowing their brows into question marks when Jesus said, “You give them something to eat.” 

I thought about myself, and so many of my friends these days, who feel like we don’t have enough. And maybe? We are not enough.

Maybe it’s not enough time. Maybe it’s not enough patience. It’s not enough love. It’s not enough money. It’s not enough intelligence. 

Sometime, somehow we all look at ourselves, who we are or what we have, and we hear that whisper “It’s not enough. You’re not enough.”

But this is the beauty and Truth of walking by faith:

God takes mustard seeds and moves mountains.

He builds His church with flawed fisherman.  

And He feeds 5,000 with five loaves and two fish.

So I invite you today to speak louder than that not-enough whisper, maybe even right there to yourself in the mirror: 

God IS enough. He has enough. And if I give Him my teaspoon and my tablespoon of faith or time or finance or wisdom – He is able to make it more than enough. 

More than enough to parent well. More than enough to love well. More than enough to serve well, in our families, at our jobs, in our communities.

This is the miracle of the powdered sugar icing, and it’s the Truth worth holding onto:

We bring what we have to Jesus, and He makes it more than enough.

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