[Insert seventeen random emoticons here as an illustration of the following…] When people actually started signing up to join the 30 Days Deeper Adventure, I was a mixture of exhilarated and freaking out. Now that I’ve had a chance to recover a little from that exhilarating freak out, I’ve realized there are a few questions coming up that I need to make sure I answer! If this email doesn’t answer your questions, please reply and I will try my best to do so!

1. If I already subscribe to your blog do I need to subscribe to the 30 Days Deeper Community?

Yes! I thought long and hard about this, but felt like out of respect for my subscribers, I didn’t want to make an assumption and begin flooding their inboxes with content they hadn’t requested. Do I hope every single subscriber decides to Opt-In? Of course! But I think free will is a good thing… so I’ve left that choice in the hands of each and every current subscriber (and the other folks who are subscribing for the first time.) And by the way, welcome all you new folks!! I can’t yet put into words how excited I am to have you!!!

So, if you already subscribe to With Love, From Here, you’ll still need to update your subscription preferences to Opt-In to 30 Days. If you’ve tried and you’re not sure it’s working properly, comment below and we will get it straight!!

2. If I subscribe to the 30 Days Deeper Community, will I still get your regular blog posts via email, too?

Yes! And can I tell you how much it blesses my soul that you asked? I plan to continue writing when possible during, and of course after 30 Days… so all that content will be coming your way… and you’ll always have the free will to opt in or out at any time!

3. Do I need to subscribe if I’m in the Facebook Community?

Yes! Facebook does not share your email address with me. And for several reasons (some of which I’ll try to articulate below) I am not planning to make this content publicly available on my website. So if you want to receive the daily emails to participate in 30 Days Deeper, you do have to subscribe to With Love, From Here and Opt-In to the 30 Days Deeper Email Community. (Check that little box beside 30 Days Deeper.)

4. Why are you doing this differently from your normal blog posts or past “31 Days” Series?

While praying and considering this community, I was nudged with a simple quote I’ll share later that basically talks about how much can be accomplished with small but consistent effort put in over time. If you aren’t receiving these posts via email, you might not see the little notification pop up on Facebook to tell you there’s a new post. Or you might not remember to check back over at carolinecollie.com to see if Day Such-and-Such is live yet. I felt like email was the best chance we have at staying connected consistently for these 30 Days — and I think part of the magic is going to come from the consistency.

Alrighty! I hope this answers your questions, but if you have more, fire away! And please? Ask a friend to join you on the journey. Life is better together. Growth is easier with encouragement. I’m stoked!


P.S. If you’ve subscribed to With Love, From Here but are on the fence about 30 Days Deeper, can I just tell you I’d really love for you to jump in? And if you jump in and decide you’d like to jump out… totally fine! No risk, high reward situation!! If you’d like to join, please update your subscription preferences here!