While we’ve been busy preparing for the arrival of  Baby Collie #3, (a project that I think is ALMOST complete!) my mind has occasionally wandered back to the arrival of Baby Collie #2. I remember how quickly he stole our hearts…

How before we’d even left the hospital, I knew his cry from the other babies there.

He had my heart — he was mine.

And before we knew it, his precious manner and infectious smile, those bright inquisitive eyes and those precious little turning-out ears were so much a part of who we were as a family, it was hard to remember being a family without him.

I feel privileged to think it all through, and to wonder — will it be like that again? And I don’t just mean will this one arrive in 90 minutes or less and feel like something from a sitcom on TV? But can everything suddenly change again, so quickly — to a place where we wonder, again, how were we ever complete without this one?

Sometimes I get to thinking, and I marvel that it feels like it was just last year that all this happened — the made-for-TV-birth and the peaceful beginnings that followed. My heart felt like it was bursting at the seams — two boys, two privileges, how could the joy be contained?

And then I marvel that it was just last year that all this happened. In early 2011, when Tiger Tank steamrolled into town.

I’m excited to see where the story goes from here. 20 months later, here we go again.

Some might think we’re a little crazy — I just think we’re crazy blessed.