Remember 87ish days ago when I hosted a giveaway for a free Quiver Tree Photo session and an 8 x 10 canvas or something like that … I can’t even remember what we promised it’s been so long, but I didn’t actually count the days so I’m not sure, I just know it’s been a while? Remember that?

Because we finally worked it out to do the shoot with the wonderful family that won and I am SO glad we did. I love all of you precious people, but I was secretly especially excited the Boltes family won. {And my Dad picked the winning number, so don’t start thinking it was rigged!} They are such a precious and special family, and their two handsome boys were adopted from Ethiopia and Uganda. And I think most of you know the people, and especially the children of Mama Africa have a very special place in my heart.

Megan and Cameron are absolutely wonderful (inspiring) parents and I am very thankful (thank you, Mom & Dad!) that I was able to assist the Hubs at this shoot. They’re such a great family!

I just posted a preview album of photos to Facebook, which will be easy to find if you visit the Quiver Tree Photography page, or if we’re friends. (Are we friends? I hope we’re friends.)

But I’ll also post a few favourites right here, since some of you might not be Facebookers, and that sure is okay, too!

The elder of the two boys, Sam, has a birthday just two days away from the Bear’s. And watching him, and listening to him, it was just so neat to see how very similar they are… such similar slender body types (unlike their more tough and tank-like little bros) occasionally giving the same cheezy grins… asking heaps of questions… and energetic! {The Bear has started saying “you remember when I was three and … ” as if his third year of life is a thing of the past… but we still have two more weeks!}

This little guy (Solomon) is just an absolute dollbaby. He’s got about six months on Tiger Tank, but they remind me a lot of each other, too. Tough little brothers! {I guess they have to be!}

I love these two shots extra specially! {Above and below…}

And this one (below) is one of my absolute favourites…

{Maybe the Hubs should start shooting adverts for children’s clothing or something. I’d like to buy that anchor shirt now, please.}

Christmas Card possibilities… (I’m always looking for those.)

And, if you’re looking for an example of two amazing parents, look no further…

I’ll let you all know when we get a little more than just a wee preview up on the Quiver Tree blog! Cameron and Megan — I’m so glad we got to hang out with you guys and enjoy your precious family! Hope you love the results!