Oh man y’all. Saturday morning the Hubs took the Bear for a walk at Goose Creek State Park (just up the highway) and came home with pictures. And I loved em so much I almost fainted. Twice.

And I realized I’ve been giving you a monthly update on Tiger Tank but not telling you too much about how the Bear’s been doing these days.

So here’s the scoop. And some photos, for good measure.

I find the Bear to be so incredibly clever these days it almost freaks me out.

Asher Goose Creek

Listening to him put together complex sentences and use very intuitive reasoning to try to convince me it’s time to read a book instead of nap time, or that it’s time for a special treat even though he’s already had one, just makes me giggle on the inside and struggle to maintain a straight face and hold my ground.

Asher Goose Creek_1

He is incredibly sweet to his little brother … about 57% of the time. He brings him toys and makes him smile, but doesn’t particularly prefer to share so much. And he doesn’t like being bothered when he’s sitting on the potty, either. Not. One. Bit.

Asher Goose Creek_4

He still loves helping in the kitchen, and when we were stirring together some homemade granola the other day, he softly looked up at me and said, “I love helping you, Mommy.” Oh. My. Heart.

Asher Goose Creek_6

He also still does that funny thing when he’s asking permission to do something: “May I please get down, yes, may, youuuu.”

Asher Goose Creek_8

{Serious pose. Who knows why.}

He’s usually grumpy and in need of a cuddle after his afternoon nap and he has a Thomas the Tank Engine book memorized, and he “reads” it to us before bedtime.

Asher Goose Creek_10

He loves his friends at preschool and clearly states a preference for friends at school and church who share. {Oh the irony.}

Asher Goose Creek_12

A few weeks ago he spilled a full dispenser of pez candy on the floor and immediately cried out, “Holy Cow!” It was hard for me to maintain composure… it was like hearing a miniature version of myself repeating something that I didn’t even realize I said so often until it got repeated.

Asher Goose Creek_17

He definitely still remembers South Africa, and there’s a little bit of a wistful gaze that comes over him when he recalls something from our life in Gordon’s Bay.

Asher Goose Creek_18

It sometimes feels like our big move has forced him to grow up a little, just a little more quickly, but really, he seems just like any other kid.

Asher Goose Creek_19

{Goofy, happy, and so deeply in need of love and affirmation.}

Asher Goose Creek_20

We really couldn’t ask for a better Bear!

Asher Goose Creek_21

Although it would be nice if he’d “lissen n’ obaaay” a little more often. 🙂

Asher Goose Creek_22

And if his waist wasn’t so narrow I might be able to put him in jeans that weren’t high waters a little more often!

Asher Goose Creek_23

Can you believe the Hubs and I went for walks in this very park when I was pregnant with the Bear?


Those photos were taken almost exactly four years ago! Kind of a lot has happened since then!

And this little fella is one of my favorite things…

Asher Goose Creek_11

What a gift!

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