The rumours are true. If you heard any. But you probably didn’t. I’ll set the record straight anyway. I am, in fact, turning 21 for the 9th time today. And now that you regular folk have caught up with the mathematicians, I will emphatically say yes, it’s a new beginning.

New Year.

New Decade.

New Country.

New adventure!

And if today was any indication of what’s to come, I’m in for some goodness in the days ahead. I was treated to a wonderful rendition of the birthday song, sung by the Bear this morning. Hearing “Happy Birthday tooo Ma-Muhhh” was a great start. And so was bacon. And presents. And coffee. And the sweeeeet birthday card from the Hubs. And bacon!


Other highlights included:

Being treated so well, welcomed so warmly at my Dad’s church this morning — a wonderful church that has been a support to me since I first left for Scotland so many years ago.

The folks at his church collected pantry-stuffers to welcome us back — they absolutely spoiled us with stuff for our pantry, cleaning supplies, diapers and wipes, pasta and salsa and the list goes on, things so that we wouldn’t move into a home with a completely empty cupboard.

The surprise of seeing some very dear friends who drove up from Jacksonville. And others who drove from Greenville. (Congrats on the engagement!)

The Lord making one of the key verses from the sermon this morning the same specific verses He spoke to me when He called me to follow Him to Scotland nearly seven years ago.

My dear friend Amanda also made a surprise appearance with her awesome little girls. And they are just so delightful they deserve their own bullet point. And she blessed me with a book I’ve been looking forward to reading.

Amanda’s little girls. Playing with the Bear. Highlight!

My Dad cooked a big ol’ pork loin in the pig cooker at church. Yum yum pig!!

The Tank was just the sweetest happiest little creature {almost} all day, even though he did keep us up quite a lot last night. Bless his jet-lagged little heart!

My Dad’s birthday card was really sweet.

Lots and lots of well wishes from Facebook friends.

And now, the Hubs is on his way to Bojangles to end the day with a tiny birthday feast.

And boo-yow, he hath returned! They gave him Boberry Biscuits for waiting so long. This day can’t get any better.

It’s been a good one! Thanks for sharing in the joy!

I’m looking forward to telling y’all some more stories about the trip home, and the tremors of re-entry shock, already shaking things up, but for now I’ll just say, I’m home, it’s my birthday, and it sure is good!