Hi friends! As I mentioned already, I have some guest posts lined up here and there, during our travels over the next ten days. My dear friend Amanda {who writes over at Seriously.} is sharing today. I think the topic suggestion had something to do with home or transition or moving or whatever anyone fancied talking about (who knows what I’m saying these days?) but Amanda blessed me with a good story that I wasn’t even aware I was a part of.

Friendship…such a gift from the Lord. Enjoy!


I’m so excited about posting here today while my friend makes her long journey through the UK and then back to North Carolina! We’re praying for the Collies—safe travels, happy babies (and parents), and an easy trip! We can’t wait to see you guys!!!

Caroline and I have a long history. We met while we were at East Carolina together about. . . well, 10ish years ago? Is that right?!?!

Shoo whee, Caro, we’re turning into old ladies!

And, in all actuality, we weren’t close friends while we were at ECU together. We attended the same campus ministry, had many friends in common, shared some meals together, and my sister was even her roommate at one point.


But, it wasn’t until the past year or so that we’ve really reconnected via blogging, emails, Christmas visits, and the occasional phone call. However, she has become one of my most trusted friends and I DELIGHT in the fact that she will be returning to the area in a mere few weeks.

Caroline came back into my world just in the nick of time. I was preparing (as much as one can prepare for such things) to lose another friend to ALS. Not only was this person near and dear to me, she was also my spiritual confident and mentor. She was the one person that I could be strangely and comfortably vulnerable and transparent with. Losing that friend was a major blow.

Around that time I was also feeling some tugging on the heartstrings (and most definitely from the Lord) that I needed to invest more in my relationship with Caroline. For some reason, the Lord laid it very heavy on my heart to contact her about support for their ministry in South Africa. I began praying for her, her family, and their ministry. She and I began exchanging emails on a more regular basis, and our friendship flourished this past year.

I am so thankful that I’ve had Caroline to “chat” with via the web this past year or so. It’s been such a blessing to discuss life, family, and spiritual matters with a lady I respect so much. I delight in her humor and in her sweet spirit. There were many days that I wish we could have had chats over a strong cup of coffee, and I look forward to those when she’s back in good ol’ eastern NC! She was a breath of fresh air during a very difficult time.

Sometimes the Lord puts people in your way because He knows you’re going to need them.   And it’s always interesting when He puts people back in your way decades down the road. My mama always said to be nice to everyone because you just never know when your paths will cross again in the future.

I’ve recently started a new teaching position in Washington, NC (the same place sweet Caroline is headed! WHOO!!!) It’s not my first year of teaching, but I feel like I’m starting all over again. It’s so hard going to a new place. Whether it’s a new job or an actual move, it’s hard having to make acquaintances and new work friends, and figuring out the routines, procedures, and locations. It’s very intimidating and overwhelming, and somewhat lonely as well.

Unbeknownst to me, another old friend from my college days, Kathryn, also works at the school and she and I have shared lunch a few times. It’s been such a relief and a blessing to have a familiar face in the workplace!   

I love it when God reveals pieces of His plans for us—even when they are revealed decades later. Caroline and I certainly had no clue that He would bring our lives back together when we were sharing college experiences. We were too busy Painting It Purple* in our pre-baby bodies!

But I am so thankful that the Master of all things does all things in His time.

I’m a scheduled and routine driven person, and there are many times I’m ready for God to open His Big Book of Life and let me in on all the secrets and paths I’m going to take. I’m one to try to rush Him and try to persuade Him that little ol’ me has got it all figured out.


A blip on the radar.

A vapor.

I approach life with an urgency of what if?, then what?, and how? Caroline has reminded us time and time again that life is not an emergency. I love it when He shows me that He’s going to handle it in His own sweet time.

So, whatever life is throwing your way this moment—a new job, a difficult conversation, a season of joy, a season of discomfort, or a transcontinental move—just keep reminding yourself that He’s in control of the clocks, the plans, the conversations, and the paths. He works all things together for our good.

I didn’t know that I would need Caroline’s friendship. But He did.

I didn’t know I would work one day with Kathryn. But He did.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

But He does.


Amanda, thank you so much for sharing with us today. I wasn’t expecting to be such an integral part of the story but it blesses my soul! Your friendship means heaps to me!

Happy Thursday, guys and gals…hopefully we’ve landed in London by now!


*Note from CC: Our alma mater’s school colours are Purple and Gold. At the end of sports matches, especially football games, the announcers often close off at a winning game by saying “You can paint this one purple!” Probably my Dad’s most favourite sentence to hear, more than any other.