In the travelling, the juggling of little ones, a baby with jet-lag and a bit of confusion about which hours are respectable ones for waking, and in the fog of a heavy cold, a sore throat, and a voice that has turned into a whisper, in these months here and there, car and train and plane and hello and goodbye, I must admit I’ve only made a little room. And in my life, though His grace is sufficient, my absence from His invitation is evident.

When I sense that I am increasing and He is decreasing, it is very clear that the course of my soul-boat needs correcting. And the reminder that if from there I turn and seek, I’ll find it is always sweet honey, fresh water to my soul.


I read again today the beautiful reminder of that strong and well-to-do woman who made room for the prophet Elisha. {2 Kings 4} And it was not just an it would be good to see ya or an occasional invitation to dinner — she built a room, furnished it, and very literally made room for Elisha in her home, because she perceived that he was a man of God.

And in receiving that prophet so well, she received a prophet’s reward. She rejected the offer that he put in a good word for her with higher ups, though he could’ve gone before kings or captains of armies on her behalf. Her contentment with her estate summed up in her reply “I dwell among my people.” {Beautiful contentment, hey?}

So Elisha endeavoured to come up with a means of blessing her, and so demonstrating his appreciation of her kindness. And she who’d had no son, a childless woman whose husband was old, was blessed to conceive. As he’d said she would, she had a child. Her son was an answer to the prayers of a prophet who was thankful that someone made room for him, and in so doing made room for the presence, the blessing, the goodness of God.

What treasure might we receive if we took it upon ourselves to make room for God? If we made room for believing and truly receiving the inheritance, Jesus… and the gifts that come from entering into the fullness of Gospel-living?

Thankful for this new season, a change of pace and a shift away from temporary, I am purposing afresh to continue to make room. In time, in space, in life, in family, in the corners of my mind that need curtains pulled back and Light shining in. I’m looking forward to some Gloriously Good.

Would it help if you made room?