Do you ever feel like you’ve just gotten too far off the right track? Ever secretly wonder if there’s actual hope for you, despite what you perceive as a season of continual shortcomings, filled with mishaps, regrets and mistakes?

You’re not alone. There’s a verse that came to mind during a conversation the other night that was refreshing to my soul. It has been a source of refreshing for me for years:

But if from there, you seek the Lord your God, you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul. {Deut. 4:29}


Moses spoke these words to the children of Israel, around the time that their years of wandering in the desert were coming to a close. He was encouraging obedience to God, but also aware that God’s chosen people were going to miss the mark. He wanted to make sure they understood that even when they were so far away from God — scattered in other lands and serving other gods — even from there they could seek the Lord. When they turned to seek the Lord and began to obey His voice again, they would find His mercy.

At times when I’ve felt so far away from God, so sure that I had a mountain to climb to get back to Him, to earn my way into His good graces again, He has reminded me of this verse. And He’s pointed out that “from there” is anywhere. No matter how far away we feel. No matter what we’ve gotten ourselves into, no matter whether we’ve never sought Him before, or we walked with Him for decades and then quit — from there…any there, we can turn. If we seek Him wholeheartedly, we’ll find Him.

From any there.

The mercy of God can almost seem scandalous. How could the Prodigal receive such a welcome? His Father didn’t expect him to earn his way back into the family — though the son was willing — he saw what was in his heart. No mountains to climb. No flaming hoops to jump through. A hug and a ring and a robe and a fattened calf.

Amazing grace.

No matter where you feel like you are right now, know that the Father’s arms are open. No matter how far your there might seem, if from there, or there or even there, you are welcome.

That’s why it’s amazing. And that’s why it’s grace.