This week I’ve been sharing just some of the stories of how the epic uphills we’ve been facing over the past several weeks have turned into smooth paths for us to walk along through this transitional phase of our lives. {It started here if you need to back up.} Recently, it has repeatedly felt as if we were facing mountains, figuratively speaking, but they’ve become molehills right before our eyes.


The things that have happened have been an incredible encouragement for more than just the sum total of what was accomplished in the change. We are very thankful to have saved that month of rent, to have found tenants for our place, to have been blessed with a financial gift that makes this season a lot less stressful, to know that we have a free place to stay back in NC, for a spousal visa for the Hubs, and even to have something as simple as a debit card dilemma solved — and all of this while we felt like we got to sit back and watch the story unfold right before our eyes.

Pass the popcorn.

But along with the glorious goodness of things coming together in a beautiful way, I’ve been especially encouraged by these things as a collective confirmation that we are walking in the will of God. As we’ve seen Him make a way where there seemed to be no other way, we’ve sighed a sigh of relief, secure that we are walking in His will.

You see, when we first left the winding cobbled streets of Auld Reekie (Edinburgh, to the layperson among ye) we came to South Africa with the impression that we’d be here at least three or four years. Indeed, we wanted to spend at least that amount of time here…to spend more time with family here, and because we wanted to serve in a place where poverty is very real and very hard.

{And, if I open the honesty box a moment, I’ll admit I feel guilty for leaving. It was only a few days ago that I realised this. I’m struggling with guilt — and working my way through it — but that’s a story for another post.}

But in His glorious goodness, the Lord has made His will abundantly clear, both months ago when we were prayerfully considering this decision, and now in the present tense, as we are walking it out. And more than I want the ends to meet at the end of the month, more than I want to know we’ve got a place to stay, and more than I want a secure debit card to access funds, I want the Lord. I want His will. I want to know that I’m walking in His will.

In this season, while things have felt a little upside down, and I’ve found myself halfway around the neighbourhood before realising my shirt was on backwards, and we’ve had so much going on that I occasionally can’t remember when last I washed my hair or what day of the week it is, God has met me in these tangible ways to give me a greater gift than a place to live or a big check:

He’s given me peace.

My life keeps singing this song over and over again.

And these words are an echoing refrain:

You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You,
because he trusts in You. {Isaiah 26:3}

The Sermon in a Nutshell: Whatever the mountain you’re facing today, I believe in a God who can make it a molehill. In perfect timing, with perfect peace. Are you willing to let Him direct the symphony of your life?