There’s a beautiful Waterdeep song, the lyrics of which I’ve mentioned here before. These simple words occasionally echo in my heart this great Truth:

A thankful heart…
prepares the way,
for you our God…

Even before {and ever since} our season of {Thanks}giving last year, I’ve found thankfulness paving the way for God to do new things in me and through me. As I continue to trust Him, to rest in Him, and to remember His consistently unfailing goodness in my life, fears disappear, faith takes first place, and mountains start becoming molehills.


Most of you probably know the big news that we are transitioning from the beautiful southern shores of South Africa to the tall trees and sunny skies of the Carolinas later this year. What I haven’t shared yet is how beautifully the Lord has been orchestrating our lives and circumstances to make this move a reality.

Over the next few days, I’m planning to share my thankfulness with you, as I tell stories of the molehills God has made out of many of the mountains we’ve been facing. If belief in God is a new concept for you, {or belief that God is active and desires to move in your life} I’d like to encourage you to push past the urge to brush away these happenings as mere coincidence.

I hope you’ll take the time to see how truth, faith, hope and thankfulness can come together as instruments, each playing notes and chords and echoing refrains in a grand symphony with an incredible Director.

I’m also hopeful that you’ll be encouraged and inspired — whether Jesus is yours or not — to consider making a move toward the amazing Son Who is the Way to the Father, and giving Him room to direct the music of your life.

There are beautiful life songs that come only from His direction, and if you haven’t taken the opportunity to listen for His lead, well, you ain’t heard nothing yet.

May thankfulness make a way in your heart today.