His three-month-old blue eyes stare up at me, a white crib from an Ikea in Edinburgh framing the perfect picture. Though he’s flat on his back, his legs gallup with joy: he sees he’s about to be picked up. Held. Fed. Cuddled. Loved. And that irresistible smile seems to take over his whole face, and it would be impossible for me not to smile in this meeting.

Even at 3 am.

Every once in a while I see this smile and ache a little. It will be a different smile, one four months past this one, when this little smiler gets introduced to my Mom and Dad and sister, and so many of my friends.


But even then, together in the Carolinas, still there is family here, the family we’re leaving behind and trusting to return to again soon.

And I’m twice over aware that these moments pass by so, so quickly.

I suppose this is a part of the way life teaches us perspective. This won’t last forever, so savour the moment and seize the day. Remember to number your days, and revel in the joy that heaven is forever and there will be no more goodbyes there.

If you have kids, and grandparents nearby, count your blessings.

If you have kids and grandparents far away, how do you cross the distance to stay connected?