Get out your feather-duster and paint on your happy face…it’s time to photograph the three month old! You didn’t think I’d forgotten did ya? I am trying to squeeze this post in before he’s close to four months…

Around these parts this just past eighty-nine-day-old has garnered a new nickname, bestowed upon him jointly {and unbeknownst to one another} by an uncle in Atlanta and a Hero Hubs of a Dad right here in SA. Ladies and gentleman, he’s strong like one, he’s built like one, he even arrived into the world like one (you know, quickly, and with a lot of force), here he is, in a six-month-old bodysuit with a three-month-old sticker,

the Tank!


Photographing a little one of this strength (and magnitude) may not yet require a wide angle lens, but it does still require that little bit of the forethought we talked about last month. The pillow’s ready, the lens is ready, the natural lighting’s right, the big brother is napping, and an adult or two is on hand (with feather duster and happy faces) to bring out baby’s best.



It’s okay if that “best” is just his best sneeze to begin with. Keep shooting.


You’re bound to get an inquisitive “what’s that fluffy colourful thing?” look. Actually, he was thinking of a poem.


Maybe you’ll get the “Ooh, Gammy is over there!” look. Classic.


Keep shooting for the “I’m three months old and I can holler!!!” face.


Because the I’m so sweet, pick me up, cuddle me, hug me, love me, face comes after that.


If you keep the feather-duster flying, you might even get a “Ooh! Mom’s behind the camera!”


Followed closely by a “Did I mention I can HOLLER??!”


But beware the one where he looks so much like a baby picture you’ve seen of his G-pa you’re almost teary.

Now at this point, you probably have a collective plethora of delights which you would like to include in an email, Facebook album, or mayhaps even a blog post, to share the delights of your three-month-old with all the people of the land.

But with this many happy faces, how do you choose?

Might I suggest…


you slap ’em all together and give yourself a big smile.

Happy Three Months, Tank!

All the People of the Land, and your Mom & Dad