After spending time in the townships and taking a good look at how different my life could be were I born in a different place to a different family, I am suddenly newly thankful for things that I haven’t really thought to be thankful for before. The other morning, Hero Hubs was on an airport run, so instead of my special HH latte, I had a french press cup of coffee.

As I sprinkled in a little cinnamon, gave the coffee a stir and let it sit still for a bit, I was washed over with a wave of thankfulness for the simple pleasures that I enjoy day after day. I think it is really, really good for our souls when we take a moment to realise that we have so very, very much to be thankful for.

We are constantly bombarded with images that create in us a desire for more, for different, for newer and for better. We’re taught discontentment from an early age. But if we take a moment to consider that almost everything we have is something that many, many people around the world don’t, it might really change our attitudes.

When you realise that something as simple as this can mean so much to someone…

something as simple as this

might make you realise your cup is overflowing.

Might I leave you with some lyrics from a beautiful Waterdeep song?

A thankful heart prepares the way for you our God…
Come fall on us, we fall on you.
A thankful heart will be our rhythm.
Come fall on us, we fall on you.
A thankful heart will be our song.

Lord, let it be so.


Folks all over cyberspace are unwrapping thankfulness today. Join in the joy @ Chatting at the Sky. Don’t forget to come back Friday for the giveaway!!