H appy Tuesday, lads and lassies! Today crept up on me! I suppose I am trying to avoid counting down the days, knowing that our dear sweet Agnes leaves tomorrow. {Pray for me.}

While she was off gallavanting in Cape Town over the weekend, we took a little field trip to a place just off the N2 called Dassiesfontein. Remember me introducing you to the delightful and mischievous dassies of Hermanus? Well, Dassiesfontein is Afrikaans for “Dassies fountain.” Unfortunately, there was not a fountain of dassies to be seen about the place, or even a couple, but there were a plethora of other visual delights and we picked up a wee gift for Agnes, which was the mission of the adventure anyway.


The magically delightful photos are not yet uploaded, cropped, tidied, blow-dried or straightened. Okay, we don’t do those last couple of things to photos, but you get the idea: they ain’t ready yet.

So if you’ll pardon the slight delay, you can look forward to getting your non-Dassied Dassiesfontein fix tomorrow. Is Travelling Wednesday okay? Just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Sigh.

In case you just showed up for some photos today, I’ve aimed not to disappoint, and arranged a fairly comparable showcase for you, in the form of a safari, no less!

In this post, you may hunt for Bears and lions. And now you may begin…




Did you see the Bear? And did you find the lions? 🙂

The Bear’s Surrogate Scottish Granny gave us this outfit when he was born, and it was one of my favourites. I was delighted to pull it out last week for Baby Brother’s enjoyment.

That’s the Bear, on the left at two months…Baby Brother on the right at six weeks! I think Baby Brother is a big boy. And fortunately, hasn’t lost as much hair.

Funny how life seems to begin and end with balding and incontinence. If I could set this post to music, the Lion King’s “Circle of Life” theme song would’ve popped up just now, when you read that last sentence. And you’d all pause and think…”I don’t get it. Oh wait, I do.” Good, we’re on the same page.

Moving swiftly on.


You’d think they were related.

Forgive me. I am finding these comparisons so. much. fun.

Hope you’ve had a great Tuesday! Hoping the delightful non-dassied Dassiesfontein will be ready for you tomorrow!