After the time I spent pondering the ethics of prenatal testing and reading and thinking about all things prenatal, I might find it more exciting and special than the average pregger that baby has reached fetal viability. We’ve reached week 25 of this pregnancy, and knowing that babies can survive outside the womb, even as early as this, holds a whole host of thoughts and emotions for me. It is wonderful and exciting to think that we’ve made it so far, all seems well, and risk of miscarriage is significantly reduced. It is painful and sad to think, as kicks get stronger and movements bigger, that lives are still ended at this stage.

But it is even more wonderful and exciting to think that in dark and secret, someone fearfully and wonderfully planned before the dawn of creation is being knit together. He or she will change the world just by being a part of it. My world is forever different already.

And inside this envelope, there is written some news, already known to One Almighty, and one OB-GYN who wrote it down:

Will it be said of this little life He is changing the world or She is changing the world?

I stared at a stack of envelopes for a moment, as we were on our way out the door for the appointment. Pink and Blue stared back at me.

Knowing Hero Hubs and the Bear were waiting at the door, I sighed and smiled,

And chose purple.

May the Lord continue His good work, and may we rejoice to see it (and know of it) in His good timing.