Well guys and gals, my calendar’s not broken and I know it’s Tuesday. I even remember that last week I promised the second half of the stories and photos from Amakhala Game Reserve. And that’s saying something because last Tuesday was a long time ago.

But a visit to Chatting at the Sky yesterday reminded me about the second string of posts I sometimes engage in on Tuesdays, where I’m thankful for things like the opportunity to put shoes on bare feet or that I can have a good cup of coffee. Chatting at the Sky will be taking a break from Tuesdays Unwrapped for a few weeks for a special month of posts about grace, and that made me want to join in a little more this week. And then I suddenly realised I was struggling to be thankful. And then I realised that was all the more reason to find thankfulness today. And do some travelling next week, if that’s okay with you.

Let me back up a little to give you a slice of life right. this. very. instant. See, Hero Hubs and I have an awesome team of individuals, churches and organisations who partner with us on a regular basis to make our work in South Africa possible. Some people give each month or quarter, others each year, and still others surprise us and give whenever they feel led to. All three of these categories rock, and are a blessing, so don’t ask me to pick a favourite. I just can’t!

It is a privilege to be able to minister because of these awesome people. It also sometimes means we have no idea whatsoever what our paycheck might look like at any given time. It can also means figuring out your monthly budget and whether or not you’re sticking to it, is a bit of a … challenge. We have indeed found it to be a life of faith.

So. After his return from Zimbabwe, Hero Hubs began tallying up our ins and outs based on our most recent giving report, and at present, only one thing seems clear. We don’t have all of the finances we need to go home for Christmas. Bettter put, we’re not exactly close. My Dad and my brother have offered to help and my Mom already has, but the amount we’re lacking seems like a lot to ask for. We have tickets reserved with a Missionary Travel Agency which we need to pay for by October 5th.

And right now, I am just not sure of the hows or the ifs of all this.

But here’s what I do know for sure. God is good, and His way is perfect. Psalm 84:11 promises, “No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.” And while we sure are far from perfect, I am still confident in His grace, and trust that He has a plan for all this.

And while I wait to see it unfold, I’m going to give thanks. For the God who hears my prayers and knows my heart. For the God who saw this coming long before we were busy scrutinizing our magic Excel spreadsheet and asking Uh, what had happened? And for the God who has a good plan, even if I don’t know what it is yet.

Thank you, Lord.