Hey guys and gals! I’m so enjoying having my Mom around. (As you can see — picture below — someone else is, too!) And I really enjoyed hearing thoughts from so many of you about ultrasounds, pregnancy and the like in response to Wednesday’s post. {Thanks for being gracious enough to read and comment even though that post was poorly written and not well explained.} I hope (and plan) for the discussion to continue … we have like 27 weeks to go!

I realised afterwards that I didn’t exactly clarify one or two points that I thought I’d mention here before moving on (in case you’re not the kind of person who checks back to read through the comments and replies!) I am likely to have a few ultrasounds over the course of this pregnancy. I want to keep them to a minimum because I don’t think they’re as necessary as we think they are, especially since becoming aware of a disability is not going to alter the course of this pregnancy for us. We are exercising thought and caution as we navigate procedures in a new country (pregnancy is WAY different changing from Scotland to South Africa!) and considering all the decisions about each appointment, test, and scan, our thinking is far from over. (Although I won’t have amniocentesis or CVS and that’s for sure.)

What I was specifically trying to explain was that I’m not going to share ultrasound pictures on the internet, and why I feel that way. We aren’t sure yet about finding out if it is a boy or girl this time around, either. The Bear was a surprise, although we felt like we knew he was a boy. This time I am much more excited about knowing…but not decided for sure! Hope that helps clear things up…and let the discussion continue!

Anywho, I am a guest post-er over at Pure Life today! And that’s why I’m asking if you believe in the Burger King God. You just might, so click over to the Pure Life Conference blog to read more! (I’m not sure what the link is yet, and they’ve changed the layout, but it should be under Grow Spiritually!)

Love you guys. We’re travelling to Knysna today — hope we can catch up soon!