Hero Hubs made our un-anniversary anniversary celebration a really lovely one, friends! Were you waiting with baited breath to hear? Fibber. Can you believe this was more than three years ago? Fibber.

Our celebration was a moment of lovely surprises. I love surprises. We started by enjoying the warm and sunny late afternoon at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town… munching some lekker hors d’ouerves with the Bear in tow. We moseyed {I looked it up — that’s how you spell it!} over to the lovely apartment of a friend of a friend where we spent the night — views of Table Mountain and stunning Cape Town in every direction, right there at the waterfront — it was gorgeous.

Our friends were so lovely and welcomed us with drinks (of course there was no alcohol — were you concerned? Fibber!) and carried our bags up for us. We fed the Bear and tucked him in, and with our wonderful friends/babysitters holding down the fort went out to dinner at an amazing restaurant on the Waterfront called Den Anker. With a uniquely Belgian-flare, we celebrated three scrumiddlyumptious years with a few of our favourite things: steak, a cold beer (for HH), ice cream (for HH) and Belgian chocolate mousse (for me – and most females). And then we floated home on a cloud.

This morning we enjoyed breakfast on the balcony watching Cape Town stretch her arms and legs and get out of bed. I saw the early yawns when I {neeeeeded} some bran flakes before 7:00. And we strolled our way back to the Waterfront to grab a latte for the road. Sigh…back to emails and phone calls. Itineraries and schedules. And laundry. πŸ™‚ That mini-holiday made us realise how much we need a real one. (When my Mom arrives in August, holiday will too!)

However, we did make one special stop on the way home: we had our first ultrasound! It was amazing. We were in the US for the first part of my last pregnancy, and then travelled back to the UK after the point at which they do ultrasounds unless there are concerns, so we’d never properly had that warm-fuzzy ultrasound experience before.

Except for a trip to the emergency room at about ten weeks which turned out to be acute gastritis and we couldn’t properly see anything — the Bear was a peanut with a (still awe-inspiring) choo-choo train heartbeat so it doesn’t count. That was kind of a weird emergency situation, but everything was fine. A post for another day.

This little one was waving and wiggling, tiny arms and legs all a-flutter, heart beating fastfastfast…it was just so special. I tried to discreetly wipe away the occasional tear. And for reasons too difficult to explain unless you REALLY want me to take the time to do so, I just cannot post an ultrasound picture of this special little life here. Sorry. You’re gonna have to wait for the pictures on the outside!

Last thought on this post that seems to have been all over the place… 23 Months and Counting :: Life is Short is a post by yours truly, featured at Pure Life today. I hope you’ll take a moment to mosey on over and enjoy it. Will you come back and let me know what you think? Or even that you’re mad at me for not sharing ultrasound pics?

K, thanks. Love you, too. And I’m not a fibber! πŸ˜‰


(and the little one eating my lunch)