I‘m pretty sure my Dad reads my blog more than anyone else. I think he’s probably my biggest fan. Every time we speak on the phone he already knows what’s going on before I tell him.

I wish you all could meet him, because he’s a true Southern good ol’ boy. He has a gruff and grumbly, very southern accent. I love hearing him talk and I love watching other people hear him talk for the first time, because they sometimes struggle a little bit to follow the gruff and grumble if they’re not from our neck of the woods.

Since my Dad is my biggest fan and I’m pretty sure he’ll be one of the first to see this post hit the web, I thought I’d wish him a Happy Father’s Day today right here. (Also maybe because the email confirmation I got makes me think his Father’s Day prezzie might not arrive on time.)

Please indulge me to tell you a little about my awesome Dad, in pictures:

Here’s one from my wedding day!

Dad’s favourite part of this day: One of his little girls is getting married!

His least favourite part: Having to wear socks.

Here’s one from when the Bear and Grandpa first met!

Dad’s favourite part of this photo: He’s getting to know his first grandchild for the first time.

Dad’s least favourite part: Nothing. This one’s perfect.

Here’s one from a visit home to North Carolina.

Dad’s favourite part of this photo: The Bear, sporting ECU gear!

Dad’s least favourite part: This little Bear’s home address is in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Here’s one from my sister’s wedding day!

Dad’s favourite part(s) of this photo: #1 His oldest daughter’s getting married today! #2 He’s holding his grandson.

Dad’s least favourite part: The Bear’s outfit is cute, but a little too “Carolina blue” for his tastes. 😉 He might also be wearing socks.

Dad’s favourite part of this moment: Holding his first grandchild while he sleeps.

His least favourite part: Knowing he’ll be driving this little one to the airport to move to Africa in a week.

He’s a great Dad and a super grandpa!

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! And good news — we’ll soon be booking flights to be seeing you in November, and we can’t wait!

We love you and wish you a wonderful day! We wish we were together today but look forward to being together soon!

Love you!