She’s here! After an induction that began at 8:00 am the day before, some complications and a caesarian…Baby K has finally arrived! I knew it was a girl! She’s a 7 lb 6 oz, 17 inch long sweetheart of a girl! Now Dodi & Andy just have to figure out what they want to name her!  I am overjoyed and looking forward to meeting my one and only niece! I’m an aunt! I hope I get to meet her soon!

Here she is!

Baby K

What a blessing and gift from the Lord. Congratulations Dodi & Andy!!! Well done on hanging in there, sister! I’m so proud of you!


To send congrats their way: Here’s Dodi’s blog. And here’s Andy’s. (But don’t forget Dodi did most of the work. 😉 )