Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is going grrreat! Hero Hub’s folks are still here and we went down to the Strand beachfront yesterday, so his Dad could buy a pellet gun, and the Bear could have a little swim. Strand (Afrikaans for “Beach”) is the next town over from Gordon’s Bay, if you’re headed towards Cape Town. So we were at die strand at Strand. 🙂

I took a few quick shots of the market, and lots at the beach. Hope you approve.

Here’s hubs and his folks haggling for the pellet gun. I didn’t want to get too close because our nice camera might’ve made them decide we could afford to pay more.

See the bit of mountain in the background? That’s the same set of mountains you see in lots of the pics in Gordon’s Bay. Does that help orientate you?  Good, you know where we are. Let’s press on.

This is something we haven’t quite figured out yet.

Where does this stuff come from? Why is it so cheap? Yes, that’s Oil of Olay…Centrum…Head and Shoulders…??? It doesn’t feel right to buy this stuff here, knowing that it is very likely that the people who worked hard to create these products will not be getting a cut. That’s our guess anyway.

Would you like to see a little more “marketing?”

Where do these things come from? These girls are selling them too…

Where else can you buy a leather belt, fake crocs, an Australian flag and an Arsenal (Emirates) soccer jersey, all in one store?

And just a few doors down you can get a Hannah Montana backpack! Hot!

Okay. So I was mistaken. I actually took a lot of pictures in the market. And now I need to make lunch for every body. I woke up this morning dreaming about making proper southern biscuits. (For my British and South African friends, I don’t mean something like cookies–they’re more like scones or rolls).  And so I need to get started because we’re having some for lunch! Will you forgive me if we pick up the Strand Travelling Tuesday with a Part Two next week? I took some pretty pictures and it’ll be worth the wait, I’m sure!