Happy Tuesday! How’s it going? Sorry it’s almost gone! As promised, I am picking up where I left off last week, with pics from die strand at Strand. And good news! Remember a few weeks ago when we were in Pringle Bay and I forgot to take a picture of Hangklip because I’m a cotton-headed ninny muggins? Well I got a picture for you! Check it out:

Yeah! It’s that third point that you see in the distance there. Don’t I deliver? 🙂 Those dudes are playing rugby in case you’re wondering.

So. Strand. You gotta say it with a soft ‘ah’. The Bear is now carefully making his way out to the surf of False Bay, the big bay that Strand, Gordon’s Bay and lots of other pretty places sit on. See that mountain in the background? The almost flat looking one? That’s Cape Town’s famous Table Mountain. This picture is looking at it from the “backside” — it’s more impressive if you see it from the usually-photographed-side facing Table Bay, but either way it’s beautiful!

Now that he’s made it to the surf, the Bear is ready for Dad to come and take him out deep!

While they went for a swim, I took some shots for you! I even asked this cool surfer girl if I could take her picture just for you guys! Don’t say I never do anything for you. Her name is Megan.

I love her red board, purple leash and green board shorts. Thanks, Megan! And amusingly, this big-ol’-pointy-building right here is a condominium complex called Hibernian Towers. I can’t get away from Scottish football if I try. (The “Hibs” stadium was near where I first lived in Edinburgh.)

Here’s another slice of the general vicinity…

Yay, they’re back!

It was difficult to convince the sh-sh-shivering bear that swim time was done.

But when he got hold of someone’s beach tennis ball, he was nicely distracted.

And not keen on returning it. We eventually managed to give it back. 🙂

So here’s the finish-with-a-favourite moment. I don’t know why I like this one so much. I think it’s the funky tree on the right. I love how the beach is right there, so close to the street.

Sigh. I know you wish you were here right now, but just think: March 21st started spring for you, and autumn for us. We’re heading towards winter now! It probably won’t quite be a winter like what you’ve had in the northern hemisphere… but still.

Hope you enjoyed this TT! Did you think it was Strand-tastic? tehe Enjoy your adventure today!