At first I spelled that “Sneek Peak” and then stared at it and wondered why spell check didn’t agree with me. Anyway! When it rains it pours. And yesterday, the gift heard ’round the world arrived. And. We received not one, not two, but THREE packages from the States on the same day. Crazy, I know.

I have to make much ado about it and put together a big long post because #1 There’s a great testimony behind it. #2 Do you know how much it costs to send anything from the States to South Africa? #3 My Mom is awesome and you could probably create a whole other blog just about her. #4 My friend Amiee sent a surprise gift (three weeks earlier) which miraculously arrived on the same day and was also DELIGHTFUL. #5 Who doesn’t want to see pictures of a second Christmas, in March?

Now a post like that is gonna take some time to put together. I mean I have pictures of the Fed Ex delivery guys for you and everything. And you are probably aware that I’m not good at making a long story short. But in the meantime, I thought I’d give you a Sneak Peek (or a Sneek Peak if you rather) because this picture was just too darlin’ not to throw up on the internet asap.  So here’s your Sneek Peak!

Sneak Peak

Now you can get back to whatever it was you were up to before this came across your screen, and I’ll have some more Christmas-in-March-delights to share with you soon.