Hey my friends, I don’t have much happy stuff to say right now. There are probably some nice and encouraging posts in my backlog that I could share with you. They would talk about the Bible and how good the Lord is and hopefully be an encouragement to you. But I suppose it would be putting up a front and not being real. Although the Lord is always good. If I’m real, I must say it has been a rough couple of days. An end of the month peanut-butter and honey or better yet empty soup because we’re sticking to our budget whilst arguing with South African Revenue Services and FedEx about a package my Mom sent that they want us to pay pretty much the entire value of the package for in duties and customs kind of couple of days.

I have more blessings than I can count. But sometimes I still struggle to stay content when I’ve gotten splashes of oil on yet another top even though my apron was hanging on the hook behind me, and we didn’t have enough milk to at least make chocolate milk and still have cereal in the morning. Tomorrow is another day, hopefully a pay day and a grocery-store visiting, car-filling up, smiles on our faces kind of day. But in the meantime, I’ve been working on sending encouragement your way for a while…so if you’d like to send some my way, today would be a good day, and I sure would love to receive it. And feel free to throw up a prayer or two while you’re at it, especially one including a certain 18 month old receiving his grandmother’s birthday present. Before he’s two.

Is it okay for me to be real?