I hope you read the story last week about how I was blessed with those pictures at a fraction of the cost at Pick N’ Pay (that’s the name of the grocery store across the street from us, in case you were thinking it had to do with shoe shopping!) I promised to share the pictures of the pictures now that they’ve replaced the others.

Without further ado, I’m very pleased to share the before and after, which I hope will make you smile and rejoice with me!

Before: (frumpy frumpy)

Before, Frumpy

It was kind of boring and the pictures weren’t very good ones for frames that hang on a very bare wall. But with some blessing and some resourcefulness we’ve arrived at:

After: (happy, happy!)

After Yay!

It has made the wall seem so much less bare and more happy to have these warm colourful photos and the ribbon that makes them look like a ‘gift’ with the Scripture (Psalm 127:3) that says children are a gift. Can you believe that ribbon has been reused and reused and initially came off a box of chocolates Mark gave me I think when we were dating?

Have you gotten creative with budget decorating lately? I’d love to hear about it.