It’s been a while since I’ve given an update on how the Bear’s doing and shared a few shots. Most of you probably don’t mind, but he has four grandparents who do!  So here’s the latest.

The Bear

…is almost 18 months old, and is still not has just started walking! (Yes, while I was putting together this post the walking began!) He was walking behind his little car holding the handle, traversing along furniture, and going the distance as long as he had someone’s finger to hold. Finally on Saturday he stood up like a tiny sumo wrestler, steady and cautious! One small step for the Bear…one giant leap for bearkind. Well it was actually two steps. Anyway.

At one day away from 18 months the Bear…

…can stand up holding onto his big bag of puzzle pieces, and then pick the whole bag up like a heavyweight champ! Clean and jerk, Bear!!

Teething Bear

…now gives high fives, baby fives, and pounds. He also LOVES clinging his juice cup against our glasses to say cheers before meals.

Thirsty Bear

…has never met a grape he didn’t like.

Too Cool For... Something Bear

…is taking one big nap in the middle of the day (10:30 am to as late as 1:30 pm — can you say AWESOME?!?) and hits the crib for nighty nights at 7:30 pm, sleeping till 6:30 or 7 the next morning.

Housie Bear

…has mastered the art of saying the following important words: car, star, light, nana (banana) and neanh (for no). It’s hard to figure out how to spell that, but it sounds like that goat on that commercial a while back. Ahem.


…is artfully signing thirsty, please, thank you, more, juice, milk, what??? and “round and round.” Grandma Collie taught him that one for a fan, and it has become the universal symbol for anything and everything that ought to start moving…now!

Our Bear

…still hasn’t had his first hair cut. You can blame the parents who love the goldilocks.

Sudzy Bear

…now has seven pearly whites which he puts to good use! And his blue eyes look more hazely green these days.

Thoughtful Bear

…still loves riding his little car in the neighbourhood, and has recently increased his pace to create some invigorating exercise for Mommy.

Driver Bear

…and has especially adorable goldilocks when he has just woken up from a warm nap!


All in all, we can definitely say he’s a good wee Bear. We’re so thankful for him!

Happy almost-Birthday Bear!