Free-for-All Friday: Listen to the Wonder Pets

Hey internet. You may already know that I have a few particular episodes of the Wonder Pets memorized. My Wonder Pets are special because their DVD came from the UK and so they have posh English accents. In one of the episodes I [heart], Tuck the Turtle trips and falls over while trying to carry the sail to the fly mobile. (That’s the special, magical upside down frisbee that gets Lenny, Tuck and Ming Ming to the animal in twouble right on time in case you’re not in the know.) Lenny (the Hamster) and Ming Ming (the Bear’s favourite — the bright yellow baby duck) make sure Tuck is okay and then have a good giggle.

Tuck is offended at first, but Lenny consoles him:

Sorry, Tuck, but sometimes you just have to laugh.

Tuck agrees, and has a giggle himself. And I, almost every time I hear it think to myself, indeed, Lenny, indeed. Sometimes you just have to laugh.

We’ve had a week where surprises (some good ones, and several not-so-good ones) have come by the dozen. Where we suddenly realise missions teams are arriving without plans or transportation or accommodation. Long story. Do you speak Portuguese by the way? And our plans change on a daily basis because 1) I have to take another sore-throat sick day or 2) the shoes aren’t arriving this week or 3) we get a phone call that the shoes will be here at such and such or 4) we get a second opinion which means a road trip to Bloemfontein will not solve our dilemma. Ahem. Something like that.

So I find myself looking at Mark and saying, “Sorry, Mark, but sometimes you just have to laugh.”

And it is good. Because I was reading in the Word this morning {in my new Bible I need to tell you about, no less!} and I soaked in this reminder again:

So teach us to number our days, That we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12)

The Truth can set you free! The reminder (a couple verses earlier) that we’re only likely to have 70 or 80 years on this planet puts a heckuvalot of drama in perspective doesn’t it? We are grass. If we’re trying something and we fail, so what? If things aren’t working out, there’s always tomorrow. This life as we know it is not forever. And sometimes it feels good to remember that!

So today, although I do have a literal “touch” of seriousness for you, I mostly want to suggest a little laughter.

This was just a small touch of inspirational lovely I thought you might enjoy.

And now it’s time to laugh. I mean, can you say booty, God, booty and not crack a smile? How have I missed this guy for so long?

This gal made me giggle with this post. I have trouble not giggling at a mention of halitosis. I don’t know why. I also love the blog name because I love U2. You love me, too? Sweet!

And this is just stupid funny that I don’t want you to waste too much time on. Because of my absolute love for international students (most of my best friends in grad school were Japanese or Taiwanese), I just love love love this website. Scroll through a few posts and you’re sure to have a giggle. But don’t waste too much time there now, number your days! I’m warning you!

Last but not least, I’d love to send you to this website — just in case you feel like putting a smile on someone else’s dial by helping a World Cup Project succeed. Can you guess where you might be headed? You can at least smile to see we’re almost halfway! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!