Gone Guest Posting: Jeans and a T-shirt Glory

The thoughts and the thinking about covetousness continue, friends, although I haven’t been writing about it. If you saw Pam’s comment from my last post on the subject, perhaps you’ve been inspired to think about it, too! As I did some more thinking on the subject, I decided to act! And as you may have guessed, my actions had something to do with jeans, a t-shirt and glory!

However, my friend Allison holds a Thoughtful Thursday each week on her blog and she asked if I would guest post this week. I most certainly was happy to do so! So to discover the continuation of the thoughts on covetousness, and the explanation of jeans and a t-shirt glory, you’ll have to adventure over to the guest post on her site by clicking here.

Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to come back, comment, and let me know what you think!